Holo Red Streamer

I placed my order and paid for it on February 22, 2023; it finally arrived today in my building in NYC. Apparently they are backlogged in a major way.

Their manual is not user friendly to walk through starting it up. Greek to me on their TFT card and finding the IP address and whether I have to do that first. I can connect my Ethernet cable from my router to the Holo Red and then to run an AES/EBU cable from the Holo Red to my PS Audio Mk I DAC, but what else must I do to get going? I now use MConnect for Tidal and use the streamer card I installed in the DAC.

If anyone has experience with the Holo Red  streamer, I could use the advice to start up operating it so I don't grind my teeth and pull out my remaining hair. Thank you. Neal



I will look into JPlay. I am comfortable with mConnect so I am loath to fiddle with another app because they give me a headache, but I will check it out. Thx.

Now I am looking around for the next DAC after PSA DSD Mk I. Mk II is expensive new, even with a discount on turning in my current unit.




If you like the basic sound profile of the DS Sr. like I did but are just looking for "more" I found that first with the Aqua La Voce S3 and then with both the Holo Spring 3 KTE and the May KTE.  All three surpassed the DS even with the transformer mod.  With the Holo's it will come down to how much you want to spend as to my ears the Spring 3 KTE will get you at least 90% of the way to the May KTE but in a direct comparison having the extra external power supply will give it the edge.  Not personally familiar with the Denafrips DAC's but the Venus II should get you in a similar ballpark.  

How are you connecting the Red (while functioning as a streamer only) to the Pontus? USB or another method? 

You say it's better than Zen and BS Node. How much of an improvement do you think it provides? And specifically which areas did you see the improvement in?

@arafiq I’m currently switching back and forth between USB and i2s and they’re pretty close.  I think the Red gives me a little more detail, better imaging and a better defined soundstage than the Zen Stream setup.  It’s also just cleaner — like the quiet parts are more quiet.  Really enjoying it.

@nymarty Thanks for the info. Right now, I'm connecting my Roon core server (SMG sonicTransporter5 with LPS) to Pontus II via USB and it's actually sounding so good that I'm wondering if it makes sense to even add a streamer at all. 

By the way, this is my second system in the home office. In my main system, I use Aavik S-280 as a streamer which is in a completely different league.