homegrown audio super silver i.c.

hey folks. I have been building a system over the past year that consists of; vandersteen 2ci, parasound cdc1500, parasound dac1000, audible illusions 2d, b&k ex442, tributaries silver biwire and a single run of straightwire (not yet burned in) laser link 2 for the digital coaxial dac connection. i have a very small listening room (approx. 11x11). i started with an adcom 5400. it was too bright and digital sounding for my taste. i liked the sound of the b&k, but in my system the soundstage was shallow. i had hoped to improve the sound with the dac and a set of the super silver ic's. i put a 1m set of the super's in b/w the pre-amp and amp. it's bright again like the adcom. it got even brighter still by adding the dac. the soundstage and decay, blah, blah, blah sounds great, but an s with a female vocalist sounds like a snake. i was going to get another set of the super silver to replace the no name junk interconnects that i'm using b/w the dac and the pre. but, i'm worried that it'll get even brighter! did i make a misake with the s.s.? will they smooth out with burn in? can anyone give me advice as to what in this price range will sound good without the brightness? should i stick with the homegrown's and maybe get their silver solutions instead of the super? i don't want to lose the increased soundstage, but i also don't want to get fatigued listening. thanks to all for your "sound" advice.
2out: Some people have a problem with sibilance with this IC and some don't. I do not but have always used them on pretty smooth digital front end combinations. They need at least 200 hours of run in and still improve beyond that for another 100 hours or so. Both of my pairs sounded pretty funky for the first 125 hours or so. Try running them from the DAC to the preamp instead, that's where I place mine, and try something else (or just switch whst you have) for the preamp/amp connection. Also what digital cable are you using from the player to the DAC, is this new also?
I had the silver solutions between my cd and pre and between my pre and amp and had no problem with the s'ssss. added the super silver and notice the s'sss problem then i returned the super silver for the silver lace and whaaat a difference. save your money and get the lace. as soon as i can save some i plan to get another lace and place it between the pre-amp and amp.
dekay--i'll try switching them to b/w the dac and pre. right now i'm using a brand new 1m length of straightwire laser link 2 b/w the cd and dac. i had planned on using the super silver as a digital cable as well. i have heard that it can work well there, but now i'm not so sure? mboldda1--- i wish i could afford the silver lace. i think my wife would kill me. is it really that much better? could you expound on the differences? thanks to both of you all. i'll keep you posted how things progress.
Silver Lace kicks the stuffing out of Super Silver in every area(other than price - $189). The sound is BIG, rich, full bodied, with menacing bass response. The clear, open, detailed sound of silver is retained. It is the best cable I have come across.
2out: Yes, let us know what happens after you switch and let everything run in. If you purchased the IC's pre-made and have not exceeded 30 days, I think that they are returnable.
holy crap!!! that's all i can say. i take back everything i posted earlier. i've been letting things burn in for about 12 hours. i cannot believe the difference. the soundstage is growing up and out. there's air around instruments that i've never heard before, including on a friends 10k setup. both male and female vocals are starting to sound more "natural." even my wife sat with me for about a half an hour and mentioned that the system sounds significantly better. if this stuff keeps getting better i'm in trouble. i may never leave the house. if the silver lace really is that much better than the super silver i'm gonna start saving my pennies. i'll keep you all posted as to the progress. thanks for the great responses and advice.
2out: If it smooths out enough for you enjoy the Super Silvers for now, they are good sounding IC's and a steal at the price. I dream about my next purchase just like everyone but always try to have fun with what I have at the moment. Tonight we are listening to Bob Dylan Live 1966, volume 4 of the bootleg series and the Super Silvers sound just fine, Dylans not too bad either. LOL.