Hooking up tube phone pre to integrated tube amp with a SS phono section.

🤩 Hello first post on Audiogon in at least 20 years because I have been satisfied with my systems performance, after 40 something years, my Carver receiver has bit the bullet
A tube system has been on my bucket list for a while now so I am about to purchase an integrated tube amp with a solid state phono section. To make it 100% tube I am thinking of buying the same brands higher end Tube Phono Pre and run it through the Aux input of the Integrated Tube Amp ITA.
Will I be able to adjust volume using the ITA?

I used to have an account as Groovey Records on Audiogon 20 years ago and I posted my simple system if you wanna look it up.



@bicyclejoenyc  We found your original account called grooveyrecords.

If you would rather use it, just contact support@audiogon.com



Sure, you can connect the tube phono pre-amp into the AUX input of a tube integrated amp. No problem. Heck, most phono pre-amps don't even have a volume control on them, so you have to control the volume via whatever the phono pre-amp is plugged into.

Thanks to everyone for confirming what I thought, I just wanted to make sure because I had never actually done it myself before. Special thanks to Tammy for finding my old account. Above & Beyond😎

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