hotel california...

I currently have an orig us vinyl pressing and the 1999 remaster...both of which are unremarkable...I don't need dvd-a or sacd...besides the dcc gold...what is the best redbook v? On reissue?
While I can't speak to the CD, I have quite a few different copies of the vinyl record. IMHO, this is how I would rank them:

1. West German pressing
2. Japanese pressing
3. DCC pressing
4. Mobile Fidelity pressing
5. Back to Vinyl reissue (UK)
6. UK original pressing
7. Belgium pressing

I also have the original US pressing, Canadian pressing, Portugese pressing and I think an Australian pressing. All of which aren't as good as the above.
My MOFI vinyl pressing in my system is in the top 3 of all the MOFI I own. It sounds great,warm with plenty of detail.
I wouldn't part with my dvd Hell Freezes Over--much better than the cd---which doesn't answer your question.
I prefer vanilla ice cream to eggs benedict- which doesn't answer your question.
Aww, I love it when Bill gets snaps on someone -- which doesn't answer your question.
Original US pressings can sound great but it's very hard to find one in descent shape. The 7E is the original, not 6E as might make sense. If I see a German pressing I'll get it. I still don't have what I consider a good pressing of this title.
I have an original and it does sound great. Blows away my German reissue copy by a long shot
Try adjusting the VTA on your tonearm if you have that option,if not good luck.
I don't know which "version" I have, I must assume that it is an original pressing. It is my second copy, as the first one that I picked up was given to my father in law. It "looked" great, but had a lot of noise when played on my sensitive turntable. No noise whatsoever on my in-law's cheaper table. My "second" current copy sounds just fine. There is nothing about it that would lead me to believe that another release would be substantially "better"...