How do you take apart Gallo reference II speakers?

The drivers have smooth faced rectangular plastic fasteners that attach the speaker basket frame to the balls. Can these be removed without damaging them? Gallo claims they have no replacement fasteners. Are the fasteners available off-the-shelf somewhere?
First,why do you want to take them apart?Second,I'm pretty sure Gallo wouldn't steer you wrong they a very reputable company.
Yes, why take them apart? The fasteners are some kind of plastic rivets (I just looked at my Gallo Ultimates) and probably required a special tool to install. Gallo does not support these speakers and hasn't in years.
The plastic rivets can be removed by CAREFULLY drilling out their centers. You could probably find a suitable, if not an exact, replacement. I can see if Anthony remembers where he sourced them.

Why do you need to take them apart?