How does Roon's version of radio compare to Pandora's genome project?

I like streaming to discover new music, I really like Pandora's genome project and the ability to create a radio station based on a song-they do it really well. I tried Spotify for this but was disappointed, Quobuz is even worse-cant belive how far off some of the recomend songs were. I'm interested in getting Roon for song recommendations based on a favorite song, how well does this feature work there? If Roon's version of creating radio stations is as good as Pandora's then I'll get this feature plus great sound quality. 


I've never tried Spotify but I think Roon does a decent job.  The biggest issue I have is that it's album searches across Quboz and Tidal are incomplete vs. using the apps directly.  I'm not sure if this is a purely Tiidal issue, but it seems to be a bug that's lasted a while.

I'm new to roon but one day on roon radio it was the best experience I had, every tune was a different tune I've never heard before. Four hours of blues and almost every song was good, fast forward and now it's not so good, and tidal just plays what's in my que already. So I think it depends on what day it is, I keep searching for the same exp but haven't found it again on roon. 

I like Roon Radio better than Pandora. I find it digs wider and deeper bringing up tracks buried in my large library that I'd never have thought of, but it's almost always inspiring and non-repetitive.

Sometimes I forget to close Roon at night and the following day, I browse the queue at what played, just to check out what it suggested. Better playlists than most social suggestions, lol.



Thank you for your sharing, I on the contrary, I just need to listen to my favorite songs and don't care much about the sound quality, so I often listen to online radio every day. morning or free time

A true music lover will enjoy their music regardless of sound quality. Good sound quality is simply icing on the cake.