How good are VMPS RM-40?

This is the description:
It's interesting that they actually state "1%" distortion. I've never heard speaker mfr list that. They seem like very dynamic speakers which I like. Also much deeper bass (24 hz). So spec-wise they look really good. They also won Best in Show at 2002 CES.
Right now I have Nautilus 804 and haven't heard anything I like better. Triangle Celius was good but seemed to have less dynamics and needed tubes (I prefered the Unison SET)Well, I guess the best speaker is always the new speaker you haven't heard that everyone's raving about.
Has anyone heard any VMPS brand of speaker? I don't think there are any stores that demo them and I cannot seem to get a reply to my e-mails to VMPS - very frustrating.
I think the difference in the sound of the RM-40 and any cone speaker I've ever heard (including Whisper, Watt/Puppy 6.0, Wilson Maxx, Avangarde, etc.) is at least similar to the difference between a good MC cartridge and a MM cartridge. Go hear them. You'll never own cone speakers again. I hope to join the ranks of the owners of an RM-40.
I'm going to check these out also when I have the chance. Again no cone drivers:
I always thought that woofers are cone drivers are you going to remove them to get that non dynamic sound in you vmps?
John, what they are refering to are ribbons. VMPS uses a ribbon called Silver Flute, or something like it , they retail for like $30 each. You get like 4 mid + 2 tweet ribbons = 6 ribbons per cabinet + 2 8 inch woofers per cabinet. So they are hybrid. Now what i have in mind is a design with only 1 high quality ribbon, the Philips RT8P, sells for $275/pr. + a superior mid cone + superior woofer cone. So VMPS is not the only alternative to cones. You can design your own.
Actually there are two 10" woofers and a tunable passive radiator in the RM-40. Cones do the work only below 166 hz, the rest is ribbons. There's apparently even a kit form available, and a money back guarantee. By a large margin these speakers at $4600 a pair are the best speaker bargin in high end audio, IMHO.