How Long Has This Been Goin' On - what artists?

I'm talking about the rock song from recent decades. I heard this the other night on the radio and don't remember what band recorded this. I got too many hits on allmusic and didn't come away with a match.


I can't imagine it as a rock song. It was done by Karrin Allyson on her In Blue cd. She is a jazz singer, though. It was written by George and Ira Gerhwin... at least her version.
John Dean
The hit from the 70's was from a band called Ace. Catchy tune, I think I bought the LP.
Thanks, Drubin. You nailed it. John, I'm not sure if this is the Gershwin tune or not, but the Ace recording is the one I'm after. I was very impressed with the depth of the sound, even coming through the FM radio. I'll have to look them up and see what other hits they had. If this is the only good one I'll probably just score the CD.

Thanks again!
Oh, yes. Definitely not a Gershwin! But I think the title is just "How Long".
You will also find this song if the CD is still in print.....on Paul Carrack ''The Paul Carrack Collection'' as he wrote the song. He was in the band ACE who did that song, followed by a band called Squeeze and then Mike and the Mechanics.....try BMG or Amazon
Yes it is a Gershwin song, a jazz classic performed by many including my favorite, Duke Ellington.
Rec, that is the same mistake I was making. As Garebear posted, this song I was looking for is "How Long" that was written by Paul Carrack. BTW, I think he also did a stint in Roxy Music. Sounds like that album Five-A-Side is the best that Ace did.
Qdrone, I vaguely remember that. BTW, all I did find a Japanese remaster from the orginal on Amazon. Wasn't cheap but I'm hoping that was what I heard on the radio since it sound so much ricer than I remember ever hearing it before.
Dan ed I'm sure you got the right one and it is one great song. By the way the song is about the band breaking up not about a couple. Enjoy
HI Qdrone,

I realized that after reading about the band Ace on Sounded like it had to do with the side work that Paul Carrack did with other projects while foating in and out of the band Ace.
ace...paul carrack(who later did vocals for squeeze and mike and the mechanics).......carrack rerecorded it a couple of times after the ace hit, but the original is still the best