How Long to Break-In Virgos?

I just got a new pair of Virgos. how long does it take to break them in?
I own a pair, purchased new. Takes 2 weeks solid playing...they really open up and a much more effortless presentation. You'll notice it...

crank up the volume and shut the doors for awhile...
Bigboy, I also want to know about the Virgos. I am interested in trying them but no-one has them near here. Elad and Audiogod are clueless as the rest of us it seems.....but maybe someone who actually has a pair will chime in. Let us know how you like them and what gear you are using!
Wow, I love that edit function. Someone chimed in while I was writing and we have our first answer now.....Thanks Jfrech.
This is my second pair. The first pair of Virgos are great, after I sold it I missed it so much I got this brand new pair. I notice the new pair doesn't sound as good and that is why I posted this question.
I am using Sony SCD777 and Classe CAP150 int..
Snook,Virgos have big 3D soundstage and very good image,almost as transparent as the Maggie 1.6 i had. The bass goes down to 30hz not the deepest but good enough for my small apt. living room. Positioning is weird, I need to put them in the middle of the room and very closed to my listening position about 5 ft. So everytime I am gonna listen I drag them out to the spot I marked, and push them back when I am done.
Two questions- What sounds different? Did you have the same source?
I have Virgo's "on the way".
Newer models take longer than older ones. So, IMO, 100-150 hrs; you should obtain a sense of space that is followed by mid & lower bass definition and extension (ref: Big's "3D stageing"). Jfrech, I propose pink noise at low volume rather than cranking up... give those drivers a smooth start in life :-)

Bigboy, pls give an idea of yr speaker positioning/room: 30Hz out of Virgos is superb! I never got beyond 50 -- you must be doing something (many things) right with room coupling.