how tall is the Benz ACE?

Anybody know the the dimensions of the Benz-Micro ACE?
I am replacing a cartridge and guessing at VTA, making another mat, etc.

for info i am using a NAD533/RB250 w/ 4mm spacer. the mat is close to 5mm. the cart i am now using is 18mm from stylus to top.
Others are more knowledgable than I, but generally speaking the Benz will work fine with a Rega arm with no spacers required.
Actualy i posted the question to and they replied that the ACE is 15mm tall.

I use a 5mm thick mat with the 4mm spacer and a 18mm tall Denon DL-110 cart which is just level ... so I was just musing about fitting it all together correctly with the ACE. maybe have to buy the 2mm space. Or go for the VTAF ... yeah, what a good excuse!
I use the ACE on my P25 and required a 2mm spacer. Gadfly, I emailed you my measurements on the ACE did you not get my email? I also emailed MD and asked the same exact question about the Spacer just in case I was wrong. They told me as well 2mm spacer for the ACE. Does that mean that the Rega carts are 13mm tall, did you ask them?