Help please How to remove stripped screw ?

I have received a Audio Note M3 preamp last Friday. I have been searching for it for quite a while before I found this decent unit. Needless to say, I have been listening to it in my system over the entire weekend.
Tonight, I tried to open up the unit so I could see the components inside. To my surprise I discover that one the screw has been stripped by the previous owner. Is there any good ways to remove the stripped screw without scratching the preamp?

I would hate to have to send it back to the factory just for a stripped screw. But I would hate it even more if I scratch the preamp.

Any help would be awesome.
Well I would drill a hole in the center of the stripped screw and use a revesred threat "easy out" to remove the old screw.should pop right out.
Stripped could mean either the head, (where the screwdriver goes) OR stripped threads (what holds it in the unit)
If its the threads and its a small screw, get something thin like a single edge razorblade and try to slip it under the head while turning the screw.
If its the head, try using a diff screwdriver, that drilling thing works ok if your dealing with something solid, not the sheetmetal most audio stuff is constructed of.
If it's the head, Sears has a tool for removing them without the old drill a hole - easy out method. I'd search Sears tools on "screw removal". I woudl not put a drill on this unit if it's not necessary.

If it's the thread - sometimes if you get all of the other screws out you can lift on the cover while turning the screw and this will help the good threads engage and extract the screw. This depends on the location and design, and is an alternative to Accent's razor blade method.
I'm with BDgrepory. If you can get all of the other screws out, you can usually lift the other edges of the cover up a bit, then turn the entire cover. It will generally move the stuck screw a bit an loosen it up enough that you can remove it.

Just be cafeful not to lift the cover too much and bend it. It only has to be lifted enough to clear any edges that may stick up. If there is nothing sticking up past the top cover, you don't need to lift it at all, just turn it on the axis of the remaining screw.

Another thing you can try is to use a very small flat blade screwdriver that is not as wide as the head of the screw. Place it in the center of the screw and give it a few firm taps with a hammer. It will generally cut enough of a slot into the screw head that you can get enough bite to get the screw started.




I had a stripped screw head a couple of months ago and I got the device described above at a hardware store and it worked great. Good luck!
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Kentchai, you've received good advice about the various ways to try to get the screw out but if all you're trying to do is satisfy your curiosity about what's inside the box, I'd leave it alone. Any of the methods described present some risk of scratching or kinking the cover. Believe me, this is the voice of experience speaking. If you ever do need to open it up for repair reasons, try one of these methods or send it to a technician.
Get a dremmel, there are tons of attachments. You can grind a slot to receive a flathead screwdriver.