How to build a super simple streaming system

Hi - Looking for some guidance. A few years ago I built a new house (smaller) and along with that got rid of my stereo system (B&K amp, Theil and Monitor Audio speakers, Rotel pre-amp) and my home theater (Yamaha and Paradigm). I gave away my entire CD collection (1000 plus) and my LP's. The recipients were all thrilled. I replaced it all with Sonos and Spotify. I thought I'd be OK with it - I'm 71, have tinnitus from a gazillion rock concerts. My hearing is not premium.

Turns out that I can hear well enough to know that my new set up is not the answer. I've read Stereophile for many, many years and based on reviews from that mag I've picked out Genelec G3 speakers and a Bluesound Node streamer for my new and improved music system. I've read, read, and read some more (and watched YouTube vids) about how to put this mini system together and I find I'm still at sea. 

The Genelec site says their speakers should be wired for best performance. I look at pictures of the connections and.....?? And how to integrate the Bluesound? How do I manage volume control? I went into this thinking these two components were all I needed, but now I'm not so sure.

I read this forum with great interest every day and thought I'd give it a shot before I get in touch with the manufacturers. Thanks very much.


@fuzztone Do you mean get a different streamer/DAC instead of the Bluesound or get a better DAC than is what’s on board the Bluesound? What brands should I be looking at? Thanks very much!


Start with the Bluesound and the G3. Connect with a simple RCA interconnect. Control the volume with the Bluesound BluOS app on an iPad or IPhone (assuming you have one or both). I suggest Radio Paradise MQA internet radio station for free to try out streaming with good quality files. You can subscribe to Tidal or Qobuz at leisure at any time. I think you’ll be happy with that. You can always add other items later.

@snbeall, +1.  If you decide you want a better way to control volume, a S.M.S.L DAC such as the DO100 between the Node and Genelecs will provide better sound and remote control.