Premium SuperTweeter Cables?

There’s a dearth of supertweeter cable offerings on the market. I don’t think Tannoy makes its "SuperLink" cables anymore - I had one and (unfortunately) sold it years ago. Looked like it was single-core solid silver, maybe 20 - 22 AWG in teflon.

What are good options, today - or whom would you commission to build a set? What would be the ideal AWG for a 16 kHz crossover point? I’m looking for premium options - I don’t want the $70 cheapie from AliExpress. I don’t like silver-plated copper. I prefer solid core high quality copper (preferably OCC) or silver. I don’t want a large-gauge firehose speaker cable dangling off these small tweeters. And cosmetics are also important - I don’t want it looking like something I put together myself. I should also note that I don’t care about or require Tannoy’s 3rd "earth" wire.

This is for Tannoy Canterbury GR and Prestige GR supertweeter. Required length is between 1.5 and 1.75 meters, for piggy-backing off the main speaker terminals. The main cable is Audioquest Wildwood (9 AWG, mix of solid core copper and silver wires). I’ve got a DIY pair of ST cables made from Neotech UP-OCC 20 AWG solid core hookup wire, which gets the job done - for now. I also have a spare pair of Audioquest KE-4 (15 AWG solid silver), but it’s a bit long at 8 feet, and 15 AWG seems like too much for this application. Should I look elsewhere, or stick with the cables I have?

I appreciate input from anyone with ST experience OR good ideas for a premium ~ 18 - 22 AWG cables. I’m NOT looking for comments on how this won’t make a difference, more than $20 is too much for a cable, you can’t hear supertweeters (you absolutely can) etc.


Not what you asked for but try the Neotech in a smaller (22-26) gauge and compare it to what you have.

Easy enough if you are using bare wire sans connectors.

Years ago I used a Litz braid wire (Chimera Labs?) to connect Fostex Bullet tweeters to a pair of single drivers with excellent results.

However, the Litz was a PITA to strip/work with (found a local motor repair shop with a solder pot that used my copper bearing solder).

Is Litz still a thing (wide flat ribbon is all I see now)?



PartsConnexion commissioned DH Labs to design a pure silver interconnect cable. They ended up using 2x23awg, and I think this might be a good fit for your application. I’ve used this cable years ago to built my own interconnects with good results. It is well-shielded and should function well as a short speaker cable dedicated to high frequencies. I see it’s also 50% off now, so no harm in trying!

I run my Muratas on Paul Speltz Anticables and am very happy with the result.Conversely tuning the supertweeter in listening distance relative to the other drivers is a job requiring very careful listening and millimeter shifts. Getting them to be in phase is an absolute requirement for good spatial rendition.

Aperion Audio manufacture a good sounding cable for use with their range of super tweeters and it’s very good value. I’ve also used it as the speaker cable on a 100dB efficient speaker and it’s quite competent, though obviously that isn’t its primary purpose.

I believe it comes in a couple length options, max 4’. 

@mulveling - For better cables, maybe check out a company like ZenWave Audio. I am not afflilated with them nor a customer, but Dave’s interconnects and speaker cables get good reviews and feedback on WhatsBestForum. And, I believe ZenWave has a silver/copper 20 or 22G speaker cable

Great feedback, thanks all!

Various bulk interconnects like the DHL or hookup wires could work fine, with some finishing. I've also thought about contacting Drew of Moon Audio - his silver headphone cable uses 4x 24 AWG wires, so I imagine 2 of those could be easily doubled up to make a pair of 21 AWG ST cables. 

But especially thanks to @facten for the mention of ZenWave Audio. That's exactly what I was looking for! I'm also familiar with Dave's postings on WBF, and generally like his philosophy. His 20 AWG high-efficiency cables look perfect here.

Forgot to mention that the Litz was recommended by a local AP specifically for use as tweeter cable.

He said it would better my 47 Labs OTA - which it did for the tweeter link, but I still preferred OTA powering the main driver.

Chimera Labs is no more, but you might take a look @ Jena Labs to see what they offer.

VH Audio also has some interesting (cutting edge?) cable.



@mulveling - take a look Zavfino UP-OCC cables - they are very well made and may be well suited to your application

Thei UP-OCC copper shoould be adequate for super tweeter use


I have tried silver speaker cables in the past, but did not like the sound


Regards - Steve