How to Connect Surge Protector and Power Conditioner

I currently use two Monster surge protectors to handle all of my cords from electronic home theater devices. I do not have a rack system so please keep this in mind when recommending power conditioners.

Do I just buy a box type power conditioner, plug that into the wall, and then plug the two surge protectors into the power conditioner?

Thank you in advance!
Hey Craigert,
Most use a combination surge protector and power conditioner, since the functions overlap quite a bit.

What is your current audio gear, and what are you thinking of buying?

I have a Sony OLED TV, Marantz preamp processor, Atoll amp, cable box, nighthawk router, Xbox, Rega P3 TT, and powered 12” subwoofer with 2 stereo speakers. 
I have 2 Monster JP 800 surge protectors if nothing else to plug everything into. 
My main question is whether I can plug surge protectors into a power conditioner which is then plugged into the wall. 
I also need suggestions for power conditioners that are not rack mounted because this particular system is not rack mounted. 
surge protector is probably best if installed in your utility box by a certified eclectrician.
I think Tuberist is trying to give you some sound advice.
I installed a surge protector at my Mains, and think it money well spent.
Though it is sacrificial, I feel protecting all equipment downstream an important consideration.
After that, implementing a power conditioner makes sense.
If I were you, I would buy some Audioquest power conditioners and ditch the Monster Cable stuff.
Check out this review:
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I would not daisy-chain the surge protectors into the power conditioner. The extra circuitry and wire is not needed.
It seems like a conditioner with surge protection is what you're looking for.
What is your budget?

Here's a basic Furman.

Brick Wall works very well...

Your amp typically would not be plugged into a conditioner since it's current may be limited. Better to plug directly into the wall receptacle.


So does the Furman have siege protection? Does the brick have conditioning? 
My budget is under $500.

I have a total of 12 plugs behind the TV. 
Both have surge protection. The Brickwall does a much better job at lowering the noise floor. You should only use the conditioner for your audio and video devices to help lower noise from the power grid. 
Cable box, nighthawk router, Xbox can be plugged into your Monster power strip.

So if possible, Brickwall plugged into one outlet of the receptacle, Monster plugged into second outlet.

Look for Brickwall reviews on Google.

Oh yeah, if you like the Brickwall, make sure to order the model that's built for audio.