How to contact Audiogon Support

All of the sudden my reply posts are deleted and now posting is suspended. 
Kindly explain, 
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Just my thanks to all your helpful suggestions send via PM. 
I can only hope this will not easily happen again. 
So many thanks again, 
A valid question, what happened is that my posts in some on-off fashion got simply wiped out.
Yet I could start this ’emergency’ thread and had one post after which nothing could be posted here or anywhere else any more.
Sounds like the one call you get after being caught in some misdemeanor 😢
PS: it turns out the problem was caused by some overenthusiastic security software. 🔐 
Did you happen to use the word "jolly" in a recent post?

If so it triggers a 24 hour "time out", and rightfully so.

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Sorry I forgot to mention that...

Referring to adult males as "lads" (in this forum) is an automatic Seven day suspension (FYI).

Just the messenger (don't make up the rules).

If you have questions or issues, use the "CHAT" button at the bottom right hand corner of the main page. You'll likely be chatting with Tammy. She is very responsive to questions. Give it a try.
Americans write English but a lot of the time I can’t understand them when spoken.
😁 🇦🇺
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Speaking of strange & unusual customs....(must be something caused by living upside down on the planet....wildfire smoke....momentary lapses of cohesion....*smirk*)

All y'all are slumping to delusions....;)
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Be sympathetic, life is not easy when one is dumb. I find ebm the most helpful at times. i.e.: it's not that serious. 🙄

a customer made me a offer I accepted his offer.

he hasn't do I resist my cary dvd 7


I would like to know how I could get my rating of 100% back

I sold a proceed Pre Preamp

I accidentally didn't pack it properly

Buyer said he heard something rattling 

I apolized to him and told him to send it back

He said he had to pay tax and shipping

I immediately returned 675. threw paypal

When I received the pkg I didn't hear anything loose or rattling

Several days later I heard it and texted him a apoliged

I was unaware of the shipping cost and taxes

If there is anyway I could work this out and get my rating of 100%

That you could suggest I am willing to do as you suggest

Because with this new rating I wont be able to sell anything

I just listed a power amp

Didn't know my rating changed after all these years

If you could do anything to help me it will greatly be appreciated



Had a problem with a buyer.

Need to know what I could do to improve my score

I need to be fully attached to my Audiogon log in: does not log in right now after about 18 years during which I sold over 300 items on Audiogon.

I did not have any more to sell for quite a while and I cancelled my “Bluebook” $10/month fees.

But now I am obligated to sell about $250,000 (retail price) of equipment for a prior customer whose husband has died and she is going to move into a new home (perhaps back in Thailand).

How do I reposition myself back as in prior years?  When I call now, nobody answers.

PLEASE let me know how to be able to utilize Audiogon once again!

Rich Barra at 801-910-5860

@barrarich  Send me an email to  and I'll help you.