how to modify my cdp to accept new power cord

ok i have decided to modify my nad c541 player so i can swap out the power cable. i just dont know how to connect the new piece to the power board in the cdp. it looks to be soldered and then has a heatshrink around it. do i need to try to get to the connection point there? i cant imagine leaving the 6in tail attached and splicing it. thanks for any info. kevin
Are you planning on changing out the existing fixed cord for a fixed cord of larger guage wire? Or are you thinking about installing an IEC chassis plug? Do you know the wire guage of the stock cord? I'm thinking it is 18ga. and I'm sure you can hear an improvement going to 16 or better yet 14ga. I've been making various power cords using Carol Cable "Seoprene" SJTOOW that I bought at my local True Value store. Use only this type of cord as it sounds excellent w/amps, cdp's and tuners. On most of my cords I use a really good simply brass ac plugs which run around $2-3ea. If you're doing a fixed cord you'll need a rubber chassis gromet that the cord will go thru. I would go w/the 16/2 cord if you're going the fixed cord route as the larger 14ga cord would look ackward and rubber gromet would have to be very large. This would not be difficult. Now, how to attach the new cord? I personally would NOT attach to the board (yet). I would leave enough of old cord and do a splice to the new cord. (Leave enought length in the event you may want to add an IEC chassis plug in the future.) ***I would go an IEC chassis route as it's really convenient and it gives you the option of trying different cords. Also, in the event of resale, an IEC should add value. If you not confident, I would not mess w/ the circuit board. Leave a 6" tail and install either the 16/2 cord or an IEC. I hope this helps. Bill.
thanks for the info. I would like to do the iec mod. I dont think i wanna mess with the board. Where can i get the iec at. parts express? i live 5 minutes from their warehouse. How would you make the connection from the iec to the tail i have left. would you solder it or just do some straight splice. Do you think changing out the cord would help the sound even with the tail still left in the unit. thanx alot Kevin
You might want to check with Pierre Sprey at who sells a splice-on PC upgrade using the remaining tail.
He feels this yields audible improvement that beats using the more traditional IEC modification.
I like the performance of his power cords, but have never used this particular splice-on power cord variation.
After you install the IEC, (you might consider making a template), solder your existing wire (from your board) to the IEC. Make suse you observe the correct polarity. You are finished. Not that difficult. Take your time and use a dremel tool. Beside the convience you should hear an improvement. Honestly, the wire I mentioned is very good. Add a good ac plug and IEC connector (I'm using a $20 variety) and you have a really good cord for about $35-40. Post your thoughts after you're done. One other thing, be careful to protect the inside of your CDP from the dust from the grinding. Good Luck!
I would start w/the splice, which can be found here or better yet, at your local electrical supply house.

If that sounds like an improvement, then go for the IEC installed on the chassis.
Why do you want to do this? Sounds like a lot of trouble for minimal gain. Just my opinion.
Add the IEC socket. I have done this on several pieces of gear. works well. Scribe the outline of the socket on the back panel of your CDP. Then use a dremel tool with a cut off wheel to cut through the chassis. If you can remove the back panel from the CDP first, that would be a better option, since it would lessen the chance for metal particles getting into your drive or PCBs.

i believe there is a big difference in what cords you use too feed gear. i recently lost all sounstage and 3d effect. i couldnt think of anything i had changed. well i remembered that i had swapped out the power cord feeding my tube preamp. it was a bit loose at the gear. i used an extra cord thinking it wouldnt make a difference. haha that was a mistake. i put the old one back in place and the sound i was missing was back. this was to my preamp which would be less important than my cdp. the guage wire was larger and i never noticed till i put it back in. made a big change. i am getting my parts tomorrow so please monitor this post if possible johnss. your time is appreciated kevin