How to prevent visitors from touching your system

It’s amazing, no matter if it’s your friends or just anyone else walking into your listing room, what is the first thing that happens? They have to reach out and touch something. Like this is the first piece of real equipment they have ever seen. Has anyone else had this experience? What can be done to prevent this except posting signs or telling people every single time? Gets kinda frustrating.


Most non-audiophiles do not know that your expensive components are easily leading to expensively damaged.  Curiosity is human nature so touching is not abnormal.  So you cannot expect them to “automatically” know, you have to advise them and maybe take steps to protect your gear.  

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Out of sight, out of mind.

Why i it a big deal. Music is to be enjoyed and shared…and everything can be repaired. Friendships and relationships trump stuff. Besides, I would rather them touch a vacuum tube and learn they can get pretty hot…and I would rather them touch an amplifier than an 80 year old painting…but again, its jsut stuff.

I stream most of my music and teach friends how to run the apps. They control the systems and have no reason to touch anything.  The housekeeper is an entirely different problem.  Ripped the stylus off of the phono cartridge with a cloth.