How to reduce CD Transport noise?

my Sony SCD-1 sits at about 10' from my listening spot, and the noises made by the transport, to me, are just incredibly distracting during quieter music passages, particularly in classical music. The noise made by the SCD-1 is no more than that of other players I have heard, matter of fact this has been one of my long-time complaints about CD players. Does anyone know of a product or method to reduce the noise from the mechanical parts of CD players?
I have a 9000ES and find that it is noisy too. It's a little less noisy than the Pioneer DVD transport I had prior to owning the Sony. My CD transport (Levinson #37) has virtually no noise. Elgordo's suggestion of vibra pods is worth a try. I used them with the Pioneer and they definitely reduced the noise--it also improved the sound and image quality a bit.
How about a sheet of Soundcoat on the under the top cover, in areas where there is clearance? (Soundcoat is a vibration/sound dampening sheet which is about 1/8 inch thick). I believe Michael Percy sells the stuff.
Is Soundcoat for top loading CDP only? And how can I contact Mechael Percy?
No Khokugo, Soundcoat is a 1/8 inch thick vibration reducing sheet with adhesive on one side, used where vibration damping is wanted/desireable. It can be used on the side and bottom panels as well. Many of us in the late 1980's used this stuff to the extreme, you may want to try smaller pieces and gradually add more. I'd have to dig through a stack of paperwork to find Michael Percy's phone #, maybe someone here has it easily available?
Yup, I found that, too.
But problem is, he is too busy (I hope...)! Has someone actually heard from him lately?
I've read references to noisy transports on two units I've owned, Parasound and now Cambridge, and this subject keeps coming up. Neither of mine have audible noise during play and I have to believe that there is a fault with these noisy units that could be remedied with service. Huh? What did you say?