Hugo 2 streaming 2go?

I have been using my Chord Hugo 2 DAC with a Lavicable to my Apple phone as a headphone amp primarily with my Focal Clear headphones. I purchased these components a couple of years ago to make working from home a little more palatable, My interconnect has now stopped working and when I contacted Lavicable they noted they no longer make that cable, but could possibly repair.

That got me thinking maybe rather than finding another cable or adaptor and then connecting to an less than ideal source I may get a real streamer, Chord have the 2go that seems like a good option but it is about $2k CDN new…20x the cable $ or $750US used. I have a better DAC and streamer in my main system so this would be only for headphone listening independently, I use Tidal through Roon primarily.

Is there a better appropriate option than a Chord 2go for my streamer? As the rest of my system is merely a paper weight until I resolve the source or connection to.


I use the 2go and the companion 2Yu ( you don't need the 2yu as the Hugo does that job) as a streamer with my Chord Dave DAC, I like the fact is has no app for music or music streaming services. the app only connect to the 2go and then allows you to use what ever app for streaming you like. for example I connect to the 2go and then use the Tidal native app on my Apple device to play/organize etc. the music.

I just have to select the Chord in the apple menu for output devices very easy. so just about what ever your using on your phone/tablet to play sound can be fed to the 2go and your Hugo. YouTube, Spotify, apple music, Qobuz, Roon, etc.

It's great if you don't like other streamer manufacturers apps, and many are lacking IMO.

I think if you have a Hugo you should consider it as it just connect directly to the side of the Hugo and is basically one device, that's also portable. 

I bought mine used for $1000 so check the used market. 

We appear to have a consensus! When something is designed so particularly to work with it it would seem foolish not to try, and not a huge investment if I can find used even better, Thanks for sharing.