I have become more and more interested in up-grading to a Martin logan or the like, I enjoy the mid and high end of sound with a tight and mellow bass line, I know depending on the model a sub might be needed, I have a fw questions:

can I keep my HSU research 12 v sub for use with these speakers?

How much power should be considered in a 2 channel amp, I am using a Rotel RSP 1068 as my Pro.

if these are kept around 2 feet from walls will that be acceptable, I know probably more room would be best, but could I get away with this placement?

finally how big of a room would be ideal, and how will these work for home theater considering I would get a compatible center speaker...but might be keeping my B&W DI-POLES for my surrounds. thanks all, Chad
Or the like is key. Try Innersound. My experience is that side wall placement is not as critical with stats. They have very little side wall radiation. As for power I am not sure of the power ratings for your present amp but it depends a great deal on the exact speaker. I use tubes and find that the sound is amazing. I find OTL's very special. My sub, a Velodyne DD15 integrates well. For what it's worth.
I have ML SL3's, and previously used a HSU 12V with reasonably satisfying results. Be careful of it's placement as it can sound bloated, particularly when using something like an electrostatic.
Regarding main speaker placement, ML suggests 4 ft. from wall, which is where I have them, with Auralex panels behind to minimize reflections from the hard wall. If you have to go less, you'll have to deal with rear reflections to make them sound good. Too close to a back wall can make them glare at higher volumes. Auralex panels can do wonders (www.auralex.com) in making them sound good.
Room size is dependent on the model. I have Aerius i's which used to be in the front but are now in back that functioned well in a room half the size.
I'm using a Bryston 4BST (250wpc), in a fairly good sized room (25x30), and wouldn't want much less. I'd say 150 is absolute min., but again, the size of yuir room will dictate power requirements.