Hypex NCore 1200

I plan to purchase the class D NCore 1200 amps.
Has anyone compared these amps against those class A or A/B amps such as McIntosh MC501, Passlab XA160.5 or Lamm 1.2!?
Here is a thread from an Emotiva Lounge member, Aluninati. He has built some of the finest cases I have ever seen. And that is to be expected since he is a very accomplished CNC mill operator.

Everyone I've conversed with sings the praises of the nCore amps. They are quite powerful, dead nuts silent, and very dynamic.

I would recommend you proceed with the purchase, I think you will be quite pleased with the results...

Why do so many people on Audiogon insist on posting when they have no direct knowledge of the product being discussed? Hearsay is not allowed in a court of law and has little use here as well.

It is OK to suggest someone consider a product and do their own research or listening test if they ask for suggestions on what products to consider. But to actually recommend purchasing said product based solely upon what they have read/heard is a bit much as far as I am concerned.

If someone is familiar with a product they should clearly state the conditions of their experience. Parroting others is not helpful.
I've contacted Kraemer design. However he has no longer making those cases for DIY NCore400.
I'd love to hear feedback from someone who have AB these amps with those fine SS amps. I understand being so specific on Pass and Lamm would make it harder to obtain feedbacks.
All I've heard from class D amp was coming from my subs! For bass, it is incredible but not sure about mid and high, etc
NCore is a new product I can't find a place to audition in Sydney, Australia

As a fan of some switching amplifiers I've always suggested newcomers to compare their differences making sure to use large copper cabling with the class Ds before committing. While my main system is powered by tubes I greatly prefer my wood mounted nCore 400s powering my Avalon Monitors in the studio.

While I've never even seen the Mola Molas it's no surprise to me that simple internal wire changes became the voicing tool towards the final build as mentioned in the article below.


Class D in general has always been very sensitive to cabling which is why most reviews of this class have been a joke. Even so the distinct difference in Class D presentation until now has been called sterile or analytical. The idea of adding tubes to dumb down this presentation is so NOT the solution.

Clearly Bruno has found a fundamental change that has taken his basic design to another level.

If you have a chance to compare to your favorite linear solid state amplifiers compare your level of fatigue at higher or realistic volume.