Hypex or Exogal

Has anyone here owned Hypex Nc1200s and Exogal Comet with the Ion? I really liked the Nc1200s they did alot right to my ears. My main question is, will the exogal combo be more or less transparent than the nc1200 paired with a vega or Anedio Dac?

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Thank you for your time
Some good questions, the kind I would ask, but too many variables to answer definitively�. I would isolate the questions and you may get answers;

1. Comet alone vs Vega or Anedio (Ask in Digital forum)
2. Comet with Hypex vs Comet/Ion  (Ask in amp forum) 

The only combo to spank the Comet/Ion is this; new 600wpc class D amp with Comet. Most combos with Comet I have tried are less transparent than Comet/Ion. 

Feel free to read my reviews of Comet and Ion at Dagogo.com 
One thing to consider here is that Exogal no longer has the application so you are stuck with the cheap plastic remote that nobody ever wanted to use. This is doubly bad because the tiny window on the Comet is very difficult to read. Without the application on an iPhone or iPad, which was wonderful, the Ion/Comet combo is an exercise in frustration.
Thank you both for the responses! I ended up ordering a exogal comet/ion. I have some nc400s still laying around here so I will be able to compare a bit. 
I have an Android and was able to download the app. I can let you know if it does actually work. 
I have been told they are working on a $100  remote option. 
I do hope exogal can keep moving forward, they are an exciting company and I appreciate them offering something innovative in a price range even I can afford. 

Again I appreciate you both taking the time to respond. 
Let me know how you are dealing with the remote issue. I have an Android and was unable to use the app.