I heard Emotive bought Bob Carvers tube company

Is this true or just a rumor?
apparently true...have now seen it on 3 different sites.

Emotive and Emotiva are completely different companies. Emotiva has acquired Carver.

I have tried a couple of Emotiva amps and they were awful. Hopefully this won't ruin a pretty decent tube product?
This may not be a bad thing. If Bob Carver and Lonnie Vaughn of Emotiva can work on various amp designs together that can be great for audio enthusiasts on both sides of the financial spectrum. I'm thinking they may come up with amps that would rival Jolida or Rogue. I haven't looked into details of the acquisition but say if Emotiva would keep Bob Carver has head of his division? He gets control with the benefit of Emotiva's distribution, factories, etc etc. Emotiva gets access to his various Sunfire and other amp designs.

I wasn't a fan of the XPA-2 but for HT I love my UPA-7 amp. Also the USP-1 preamp is pretty good as well for under $400. Check out A'gon member Ferrari's review on the USP-1.
04-05-13: Wolf_garcia
If it makes Bob's tube stuff more affordable, it's a good thing.

There is a podcast on the Emotiva website that discusses this acquisition.
Hope it will not ruin Bob's products, have great deal of respect for his old and new products especially those made in the USA.

For the money and even beyond Emotiva's products are solid gear. Perhaps the pairing will be good for all.
I am sure everyone here knows Emotiva equipment is made in china!, If you do not, you know now!, this is a traverstry!,,, Bob Carver equipment may start being made in china!,, the only way I believe this acquisition will benefit us at all is if they some how come together and manufacture everything in the u.s.a.,,this is very doubtfull to me since we all know as well that the labor and the over all cost in china is cheaper than in the u.s.a.,, so to me,,, My opinion, Bob Carver equipment may be doomed! cheers!
1) We shouldn't be dismissing gear just because it is built in China. There is some excellent gear being made in China these days. True, there is also some poor quality audio gear being made there too. All a matter of quality control and quality design.

2) According to Emotiva, the Carver tube gear will be built in TN.

Let's wait and see what the tube amps sound like and how they are priced before we start jumping to conclusions.
My Chinese/Maryland USA Jolida tube amp cost around 1/8th the price of the closest Carver, performs beautifully, and is VERY well made...and since the Chinese manufacturing cat is "way out of the bag" at this point (who made the computers we're typing this stuff on?), we should support U.S. companies who keep track of the Chinese factory working standards (if at all possible). Mike Allen's (Jolida founder) story is an interesting example of exactly that.
Maybe Emotiva will cut out the Carver retailers and sell direct to the consumer. Now that would make a worthwhile takeover.
Bob Carver has not been associated with Carver for many moons. His tube amp company apparently wasn't particularly successful or he wouldn't have been looking to sell it.

At any rate, here's my concern. Emotiva bought out Sherbourn, a previously excellent amp manufacturer. They used to have transformers for each channel. Then Emotiva buys them and basically puts out Emotiva amps with the Sherbourn name, which waters down a previously good product. It didn't sell well, and now Sherbourn is going the way of Emotiva, selling over the internet only.

Then Emotiva buys into TacT room correction. After many promises, nothing with TacT has been released, and Emotiva goes silent on the whole thing.

Now they buy a tube amp company and make a big splashy announcement about it. Well excuse me if I don't get all excited, but I have yet to see any benefits of their takeovers. And they STILL haven't released the XMC-1 after reassuring that it was coming last summer. They have pockets full of good intentions, but have trouble delivering.
Answers to your concerns.....Yes, Emotiva has oficially purchased and now owns Bob Carver LLC.

Dealers will remain.

Bob Carver has always been involved with the company on the design front and will continue to do so. The tube company has been very sucessful.

The product line will not be "cheapened". They will continue to be designed by Bob Carver, made in the US and will not change in their design. Still all hard wired.
Their current employees/techs will remain and continue to build and service the products.

Emotiva does not want to degrade the line. The Bob Carver legend will continue and with the same level of design, craftsmanship and quality.

We have provided preamps and shown with Carver at every show they have done since the introduction of their tube line and talk to them on a regular basis which is how I know the details mentioned above. My comments above are the basic facts as I am not the one to provide inner details.
Wait...I thought providing "inner details" was what high end audio was all about?
This has been a hot topic on the audio forums for the last days.
From their facebook page:

"Bob will now be able to develop his great designs with the full engineering support of Emotiva's resources".

It should be a good thing.
Response 34, who is we? Who are you? What preamplifier are you talking about that has been shown with the VTAs?

The majority of shows posted show the VTAs being paired with Purity Audio pre's.

Bob needs engineering support from emo engineers, really? My personal experience with emo gear would prove emo engineers are the ones in dyer need of every aspect of amplifier design except how to produce stunningly inexpensive drek.

If you are affiliated with emo will they be honoring my seven year Carver LLC warrantee without slapping any emo identification on them?

Did emo assist Carver LLC employees in relocation expenses and a raise?
Response34, pardon my questions. I assumed you were from emo. Your Purity preamplifiers are very interesting.
I am not associated with Emotiva in any way. I am a partner and the designer for Purity Audio Design. Yes, you were correct in that we (Purity) have been showing with Carver for all their past shows.

"...Bob needs engineering support from emo engineers, really?...."

I hope I didn't imply this (I didn't go back and read my original post). Bob will continue to do the design work for the Carver pieces.

"....Did emo assist Carver LLC employees in relocation expenses and a raise?....."

That's not something I would know.
There are junk made all over the world and not exclusively in China. If you don't like the new Carver products, buy something else. What's the big deal? Either they go out of business or have to improve their products.
"....There are junk made all over the world and not exclusively in China....."

Exactly. Every county has it's good and bad. A little research and you can weed out the junk no matter where it's designed/made.

I would be cautious of purchasing any unknown product direct from another country if there is no dealer/distributor in the country you live in.
I'm in Carver country, Seattle, and go back to the days when Bob founded Phase Linear in 1968. When he started Carver in the late seventie's he fooled the Audio world with his magnetic field amplifier which was nothing more than a large modified block transformer used to transfer large volumes of current from the A.C. outlet. I bought a Carver system in 1987 and sold it two years later due to the constant break down, especially the Carver CD player that I had. His factory in Lynnwood north of Seattle was awesome employing a full time staff of 200 people. His partner who bought into the company, Jim Kropf, co-owner of Definitive Audio in Seattle, sued Bob in Federal court over the Carver trademark and the patents on the LightStar amplifier that Jim claimed he designed. Bob could
not use the Carver name for years due to the ongoing law suit in court since the trademark was frozen until the law suit was over. This is why he used the name Sunfire for years. Bob wound up winning the case and retained his trademark and patents.