I just watched the greg allman tribute

Dam that was pretty good 👍
I watched it on axias -direct tv  3 hrs!  taj, widespread, warren Haynes,dr john, derrick trucks on an on it was solid I would check it out .. I use to have a channel called paladia it isnt around anymore , I think its axias now . I was doing yard work and came in and pressed record 👍ended up watching  it for 3 hrs lol 
Yeah it was a great concert and I caught it on AXS, also try to catch the Levon Helm tribute which was even better. Both these artist provided me with some of the most memorable music from my youth and they grew as artist as their lives and careers rolled on and they have and did expand as artist.

I wish there was more . I may watch it in the HT this was just in family room and it was good .That  channel is showing some cool shows 
He has quite a ride,and i really enjoyed the special.There has been some cool stuff on the axs channel.The ride along with Sammy Hagar,and the song by song is great also..

I'm currently reading Gregg's autobiography, "My Cross to Bear." Picked it up at a library book sale for a buck!

Even though I've been an ABB fan a long time, I'm learning a lot about his life. I'm at the point in the book where Duane is killed, and it's hard not to tear up at Gregg's recollections of this monumentally tragic loss. 

But, back on topic, yes, the tribute concert was quite good. I may have to pick it up on CD at some point.