I know this is Audiogon, but........

.......I have a CAR stereo question that I would really appreciate your knowledgeable feedback on.

I currently own a home and a portable MiniDisc player and would like to also put an MD player in my 92 Acura Legend. When I went in to the local Tweeter store to discuss this, I was informed that since my stock Acura/Bose system operates at 1 ohm and the standard for auto speakers is 4 ohms, I cannot simply swap out the head units and expect things to work properly. The salesperson told me that I would have to change the whole system, including speakers, in order to add MD playback.

Is this accurate, or is this guy just trying to sell me more gear? Even if my Bose speakers do operate @ 1 ohm and the Sony MD head unit is designed to drive 4 ohm speakers, would it really matter since there is a Bose amp in the car also? Wouldn't the seperate Bose amp be driving the Bose speakers directly?

I thank you in advance for your response. - Daddy-O
Hey Daddyo, I have a 91 Legend, and every channel of the amp of my Bose stereo blew except the left rear. I thought I can just buy a new amp. But, I was told the Bose system was designed for 2ohm. So, I thought, what is the big deal. Most modern car amps can drive 2 ohms. If it is 1 ohm as you indicated, that might be more of a problem. Also, I was told, the head unit uses speaker line output to feed the amp. It doesn't use signal line output like just about every other head unit in this world. That is where the problem lies if this tidbit is true.

Also, I used to have a portable MD player which I used one of those cassette deck converter thingy to feed into the headunit. If you don't mind a little dangling wires around, that is a good and cheap solution (not including the price of the md player). It's a plus that those portable MD players are small and doesn't skip. You can put it anywhere.
for a bad speaker yes you must hunt down low 1.47ohm bose
originals.To put aftermarket heads in bose equipped autos
you need Powerdriver PD4($150) from a company called Audiolink.
They make the quality(by mobile standards)line drivers needed for your application.Unit is 4 channel adjustable line driver/ground loop isolater with harness kits available seperately(added cost)to mate to various bose equipped vehicles.Used few back in early 90s they work fine
but install is not for the timid.
I had a Bose system in an old Honda of mine...encountered the same problem. The BOSE gear is mostly crap, at least mine was. I currently use Focal speakers (JM Labs drivers) and would never consider a stock stereo again. If you end up making compromises you may regret it. I would seriously consider losing the BOSE system and upgrading. Although you should hang onto it in case you sell the car...the masses love BOSE.