What are the speakers you very rarely find in the Used market(Audiogon or Anywhere)?

I'm looking for Vandersteen Quatro CT, Wilson Sabrina or DeVore Fidelity Orangutan 0/93 or 0/96. I rarely find it or in some cases, before I make an offer, it is gone. What other speakers are a rare find?
I agree on the O/96's, I have successfully (unsuccessfully) missed 2 pair over the last couple years.  Avantgarde Mezzo Duo is virtually impossible as well.
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Fulton Model J, Wilson WAMM, Infinity IRS, Stax, Beveridge, Dayton Wright, Magneplanar Tympani T-IVa, Eminent Technology LFT-6 (I’m looking for a pair).
i can recount..every magical moment I spent with the Dayton Wrights in Cleveland...tagging along with my Dad the audiophile trumpet player.... Al Hirt ripping away on Carnival of Venice...

I was probably 12 ???????

We had half concert grands, Dad wanted the whole deal, so we always listened to thise also...
I haven't been looking really hard for these but I don't even see used Spendor D7's come up often in the US.
I almost never see Sonus Faber Extremas for sale here on Audiogon, or anywhere else for that matter.
Maybe is not related to main question but what is your criteria when you’re looking for 2nd speakers, how old is considered as good buy?
If you want a set of Devore 0/93, 0/96 (not sure which he has, most likely the older version) I have a local dealer who has a rather good deal on a demo set.
ditto I think Hawthorne in Seattle might have two pair of used Devore

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@glennewdick - Can you please let me know the dealer name? I'm interested in getting any of the speakers I listed. I saw one Wilson Sabrina pair this morning but it is local pick up only. I'm speaking to him to see if he can ship if I arrange FedEx to pick it up from him but I would be happy to get the DeVore Speakers as well.
  I see O'93 pretty regular on Audiogon...Rarely O'96.  I happen to have O'96's still sitting in their crates in a custom color you've never seen...Guess I would describe them as a Honey/Butterscotch color with a Quartz/Burl finish. I also have Audio Note SPX Al Nico's which are so similar to the O'96's that I could part with the Devore's. If interested send me a PM and I can send photos. They certainly wont be cheap as the color was a 1500 upgrade.
Gershwins tend to be rare and ephemeral when they do appear. Same with Trenner and Friedl. Yes, there's a pair of the latter available on Agon now, but that seems to be an exception.
You can find plenty of Joseph Audio Pulsar's available but finding the Pearl's/Perspectives are tough. Was recently a pair of Pearl 3's here on Audiogon and they were snatched up in 2-3 days for 18K.
I have seen recently only one pair of Pulsars up on the 'Gon. I have not seen too many of them for sale here or elsewhere. I could be wrong, but that is my experience.
Any mbl speaker.
Any music culture speaker.
Diapason rarely but have seen 2 pair in 4 yrs. 
Just buy them next time they pop up and don't wait around making offers. Others are just buying them for the price listed and might be the price you have to pay for rare used speakers. I did that with a pair of 0/93's
XStatic full range electrostatics as there were less than 100 pairs made (awesome sound BTW).   Triangle Stratos Volante 260 is another great speaker as was Gale.   I also don't see a lot of Ohm's higher-end speakers for sale.   All of which I still own or owned.
Snellc5 bought them in 1997 still listen to them ever day. Just purchaset a McIntoch MC452 can’t wait to get it hook up to old Snells 
Three_easy....yep I’ve been keeping my eye out for D7s or D9s for some time now, rarely happens. I think it’s because there just aren’t lot of them in the US, plus owners hang on to them. 
There have been a few pair of Wilson Sabrinas lately. Have only seen two pair of 0/96 in the past year, and one of those wasn’t here. A few more 0/93.. Two pair of JA Puslars popped up in the last month or so and were gone fast, and one of those was a realist. That pair of JA Pearl 3 had been on here a couple times in the past from the same seller, but at higher prices. Have seen just two pair of Quattro CT’s in about a year here. 
Dynaudio Special One. Not when they were young, not when they are a quarter century old.
MBL 101 radiostrahers, one of favorite in the world 
and big Marten Coltrains.
Went out of business many years ago but John’s speakers were way ahead of their time and in some ways remain SOTA. John recently passed away and I count it a privilege to have known him back when he was designing and manufacturing loudspeakers.

Any Magico model! Especially considering how many are sold in the USA, it is very rare to find them used.
Here's a beaute...I have NEVER seen a single used pair of T+A's amazing electrostatic hybrids, The Solitaires, for sale!
Fat Julian in Atlanta told me about the Fuselier speaker...never heard them.
i miss his record shop.
Original Gallo Reference II's 
Or what some audiophiles consider an even better sounding speaker:  Nestorovic 5AS Mk IV
Vandersteen Quatro CT Available Used $12,500.00 Customer upgrading.
Vandersteen pricing is going up. Quatro will be like $18K. You snooze, you loose....
I have a Pair of T+A Solitaires for sale 1000SE In Carbon fiber. $32000.00Dealer Demos.
Vandersteen Audio gives very little mark up as they are priced very conservatively in the market. Richard is the Costco of Audio. Other manufacturers would have priced the Quatro for over $25K. Buying them retail is a bargain.
Apogee Scintillas, Wilson X-1 Grand Slamm, Martin Logan Monolith lll, Avalon Isis, Infinity IRS.
Dunlavy sc-v.     Last pair I was on ebay sold in a under and hour. For 10k    I have 2 sets of sc-Iv and been looking for the 5s

Also jbl 250s.   Been looking for those forever