I loved the AR 93 - What was wrong with me?

Remember the AR 93? It had a lot of interesting work going for it.

A 3 way, with 2x 8" woofers mounted near the floor, like Alison and Snell liked, a wide front baffle, felt around the inset tweeter. Essentially a shopping list of speaker features I look for.

This should have been a really well received, widely sought after speaker.

History hardly remembers them. What went wrong??
Not enough snob appeal for the well-heeled! Now if the AR93 had a 5 figure price tag ...
In fact, I now recall on passing on a pair I saw at my local Goodwill years ago!
It used a tweeter and mid-woofer on the front baffle, plus two woofers on the sides.

I believe that while the non-tweets shared the same diameter they did not share the same voice coil.

I'm pretty sure any you find today would be in need of a refoam at least.