I need help, my system died

My system is only dead emotionally, it still works. Three weeks ago my system was sounding amazing, one of the best i have ever heard. In an attempt to make it even better i tried out some 8 foot cables that are supposed to be better than my current pair. I usually use 20 ft cables and hence i had to move a lot of my equipment to make them fit. Afterwards, i went on vacation and turned off all of my equipment for a week. I also unplugged all of my power cords and brought them with me to try them on my friends system. Its been two weeks since i've been back and my system has easily had enough time to rebreak in as it is always kept powered up. Now, however, although there have been no component changes my system sounds terrible. Well it sounds the same superficially but it seems like all of the warmth, realism and depth have been sucked out of it, while all the detail remains. Does anyone have any idea what could have happened? My system is no longer enjoyable to listen to as it lacks emotion and the rich textures it used to have. Any ideas as to what could have caused this and how to fix it?
You must have patience. Everything should return to as-was within ??? I've reached the point w/my various set-ups that if it sounds pretty decent, I'll not try to extract that last 2%. (Law of diminishing return kicks-in and I have other things to spend my $ on.) It will take awhile but everything should return. I have had the same experience and have learned from it. Try to relax. Bill
Did you change the orientation of your cables? If they were broken in, they were probably somewhat directional,perhaps you inadvertantly reversed a pair (or two?). Just a thought.
Definitely did not reverse the direction of my cables. They were left in place over the vacation and you really have to spend a lot of time to reverse 20ft cables. Also i checked to make sure that the phases were still proper and they are. Its amazing how much worse it is...
1st Ask yourself how the system sounded with the other cables you were demoing before...

Sometimes when you hear something that is better it puts your system sound in a different perspective. If this is not the case....

2nd What did you do over vacation? Did you goto many live shows? Did you attend any live concerts? There have been times in my life where I would go see a live event, and I was unable to listen to my system for several days because in contrast it could no compete to the wonderful live music I have heard. If this is not the case....

3rd Maybe your musical/hearing tastes are changing? There have been times that I have gotten to a point with my system and thought it seriously needed a change. If you do not think this is the case....

I personally think you need to move to something other than Satori speaker cables. Especially 20' of it. It is the serious weak link in your system right now and does not live up to your other components.

The other area which I think you can use some upgrading is AC cords. We can discuss this offline. I know an AC cord you would be very very interested in.

Your other issue could be your BMI Shark cord. That cord requires a freakin long time to break in (as you know), and I think if unhooked for an extended period of time, it may need just as long to break in again (maybe something to do with the Platinum).

Drop me an email or IM.

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Did you ask yourself if anything has changed in your soul? Did you ask yourself if you are being childish? Why not put everything back to how it was prior to this "upgrade" and if objectively (what an ugly word) it sounds the same, the change is within you. You then have different paths to pursue. Psychotherapy, but then you have to choose which school should your therapist has been schooled in. Religion, but then you have to choose whether one of the original six (or is that hockey?) or an offshoot, splinter group, variant or recently franchised (anything less than six hundred years is recently franchised in my mind) group. I would suggest my own brand of therapy: go out and buy a whole bunch of recordings, including stuff you may not have considered buying before. That should jump start you. If it doesn't you are a grade "A" equipment freak and very little can than be done for you that does not include spending inconsiderate amounts of money to less and less effect. Hope you find the path to enchantment.
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It sounds like you changed an awful lot of variables so it would be hard to place the blame on any one place. Moving equipment can changed the sound of the system. Have you considered returning to some of the old placements to see if the bliss will return?