I pulled the trigger, I bought OHM Walsh Micro Tall Speakers...

So I called John Strohbeen, what a great man!

He helped me select an appropriate model for my tiny little music room which used to be a bedroom that we blew the wall out of!

I am a big fan of 3 dimensional sound and the disappearing act of speakers, massive, deep and wide sound stage and I believe I made the right call. I considered KEF R series, Tekton Pendragon, Tannoy Revolutions and Sonus Faber. I think I made the right call.
Will be driving them with a Primaluna Dialogue Premium running kt150’s

Are any of you current or past OHM owners and if you are your opinions please!
I have a pair of the older Ohm Sound Cylinders. They indeed do the 3-D room-filling sound with ease! Performers right there in the room! Uncanny! 
Congrats on your new speaks!!! You're in good hands with John and the good folks over at Ohm.
Audionoobie,I can't tell you what a fine man John is at OHM, I would continue doing business with him just for his character and advice alone. An MIT engineer and gentleman!
I am buying a returned set in Red Oak, my initial preference was the Rosewood or Red Sapelle finish, he told me this:"Chipper, listen to them and if you like them and want them in another finish, I'd be happy to make them and ship them and pay only the difference (if any) and if you choose to upgrade to the 1000's, I'll do that also"
Shocking Customer Service!
I ordered a set of the 2000’s in rosewood about 2 weeks ago. I dealt with Evan who was also very easy to work with. Never heard this type of speaker before. Previous speakers have been B&W, Paradigm, KEF , NHT . I have no idea what to expect.
I haven't listened to Ohms in years (80s) but remember them sounding awesome. Definitely 3D and room filling...the perfect party speaker. Very cool speakers indeed.

@eag618 "Audionoobie,I can't tell you what a fine man John is at OHM, I would continue doing business with him just for his character and advice alone. An MIT engineer and gentleman!"

He is a good guy and Evan is also very knowledgable about the product. Let us know how they sound when you get them.

I have been using a pair of Mirage OM-6 ‘omni-directional’ speakers in my HT since maybe ‘98 (!) ...but when they go, I’m already decided on a pair of OHM Walsh for replacement. —but please, not yet— 
I had a pair of Walsh Ones that only produced bass when your head was stuck right in between them. I sold them.
Eag,congrats and enjoy!

Klipshfan I had original Walsh 2s with 8" driver bought ~ 1982 and owned until ~ 2008.. A step up from Walsh Ones which are less common I believe. Not the most refined sound like most modern speakers (including newer versions of OHM Walsh) back then but plenty of bass for small to moderate sized rooms.

With the Walsh line, a most unique feature is all models big to small are essentially the same design and sound, just a matter of how big is needed to do the job for bass in one’s own room.  So you get no less quality sound with smaller cheaper OHMs in a smaller room than larger OHMs in a larger room.    The basic design and sound scales as needed from smaller to larger.   You need not pay more for better sound in teh line once you have teh right OHMs for your room.

DJones51 when do you expect to see yours? And yes will post opinions as soon as they arrive which should be tomorrow or Saturday!

I also ordered a set of KT150's for the amp as my guess is the sensitivity being in the mid 80's will need some juice!

Does anyone know what 48 Primaluna tube watts/amps is equivalent to in SS watts/amps? Or is it it irrelevant and that was a dumb question?
Can anyone compare the performance of these with equivalent models from the Shahinian line-up?
OH MY GOD NO...DON'T DO IT...too late. To answer your question, 48 Primaluna watts equals 49 regular watts...everybody knows this so yes, that was a dumb question! Actually, if I may be serious for a moment, watts are watts, and tubes (which I adore) seem louder as they simply supply a different (and more pleasant) harmonic content than SS amps will provide...an exception is the Pass SIT amp which I'm now an expert on since I read something about it somewhere recently. My expertise will wear off shortly as I don't retain info about things that I don't really care about, and wait...there it went.
Evan said they were just starting a run of the 2000 series and I should expect them in about a month so should  be 2 or maybe 3 more weeks. I asked what amps they used to voice their speakers with. He didn't exactly say but did mention that in SS,  NAD was good for a budget amp  Parasound or McIntosh, in tube amps he did mention Primaluna as a good choice with KT 88. 
eag a watt is a watt. The difference is most likely in how much current is delivered in that OHM Walsh speakers (especially the larger models) tend to love current and good SS usually does that better. Also tube amps tend to soft clip which avoids harshness if clipping sets in but some solid state amps and many Class D amps in particular also do soft clipping.

See this for more info.


Bottom line is in general different amps of different design will sound different with the OHMs, especially with the larger models in larger rooms. As is the case with most speakers out there. My personal opinion from my experience is as the models get bigger, the more power and current the better in that the right size OHMs for a room can deliver pretty much anything you throw at them cleanly without ever breaking a sweat. Then again I have never tried a tube amp with them ( I go Class D only these days with the OHMs) but others have and reported great success.

In my main system I use Bel Canto ref1000m  (500w/ch 8ohm) to drive my large OHM 5s  and that combo is off the charts.   I use Bel Canto C5i (60 w/ch 8 ohm)digital integrated with my smaller 100s (albeit in a similar large room area) in my second system and the only constraint with the sound there is I can't go to concert levels with that like I can in my main system.

Thank you Mapman, I think in my very small 12x12 room the Primaluna with KT150's at 48 watts per side should be sufficient, or at least I am hoping.

I do understand the sensitivity of the OHM's are low 85dB but the upside I hear is worth a shot!
I think the Primaluna is definitely worth a shot. When I first got my MicroWalsh Talls I ran them with a 25 wpc ss/tube hybrid. I could get the amp to clip if I pushed it hard enough, but it was only when listening louder than I normally do. Depending on how loud you like to listen, 48 wpc may be more than enough. 
Wonderful. I used them for years and still have them (purchased in 2004). I've been on the merry-go-round more than I care to admit and am now in the SET/high-efficiency speaker camp, but I still drag the Ohms out of storage on a regular basis. They're still wonderful and I'll never sell them. John S. is indeed a great guy and a gem in the industry. 

BTW, two other speaks I have in storage are the Magnepan MMG's and the Mark & Daniel Ruby's. What can I say, speaker designs fascinate me. 

I hope you enjoy your MWT's as much as I have.
The design is great the only thing I don’t like for a long time now is the low quality Xover and parts . I asked how about a SE model 
at least a top quality Xover which is the heart of all Loudspeakers.
John just wans to keep things his way. That is why I didnot buy any of his newer speakers. It is a shame they do sound respectable but could sound at least 15-20% better with just $400in upgraded Xover parts and wiring. 
@audioman58 , I totally agree.  I’ve had the chance to audition ohms both old and new. I like a lot of what I hear.  When I’ve gone digging it does appear parts are pretty inexpensive. (Given what others use in a 6k pair of speakers)  I’m left wondering if either caps parts and even drivers don’t matter and we have all been duped by the industry.

But it then I also wonder.. what if some “top end” parts were used, how killer would they be?

I spoke with a guy online 2 years ago I assisted with parts choices 
for around $500 he put in Clarity esa capacitors, Mills resistors, Jantzen inductors
and Supra wiring , when completed he said it was a Huge difference at least a 15% or better improvement across the board. That alone says it all. 
Why not offer a SE upgraded Xover ? If the customer is willing to buy the parts 
then there is no added labor if ordered when new. I have 20 years worth of modding and as they say  it is only as good as its weakest link.
ine more thing the drivers are not in the the upper tier class either  but decent .
the Xover  is very low end in my opinion justgo to google images  .you mayeven 
see a  little bobbin inductors orsand Cast resistors. Stuff I would never use.
hopefully for customers , they can get upgrades in the new future .
Audioman,I run a Honda store in Boston and I mean downtown Boston, the cost to do that would remove 20-30% of his repeat market which is the treasure of that business. Believe me, I would kill (kidding, not really) to have his client retention!

To build that loyalty as a client base is unheard of in this day and age, that is why previously in this rant I said, "Maybe I should I should re title this as "Shocking Customer Service"...You go John!!