I've been selling heavier gear for lighter gear

I've been thinking about this again. Yesterday I wrapped my freshly sold 55lb ss amp in a buncha bubble wrap, double boxed w/styro sides, then took to mail store (rolled in on a dolly). Later in the day I returned to pick up my 2nd Carver Black Magic tube amp, which weighs all of about 20lbs. If I hadn't bought them was gonna buy van Alstine monos, which are also small & light. 

Earlier this year sold 110lb speakers and bought kef blade 2 (80 lbs & easy to maneuver). 

I've been moving the platform stands around a bit for mono placements, and having lightweight amps is soooo relaxing. How about here, how bout there, np. 

Anyhoots, who else factors in the tonnage of the gear they buy? Any other 'lightweight' fans like me? 


I’m getting a bit old to handle the weight of some of the pieces I have, and ones I’d like to own, but that’s what dollies, hand trucks, and packing quilts are for.

Am still kicking myself for balking at a Nakamichi PA-7, 9.5 condition and a sweet price, because it’s 70-odd pounds, big mistake, now the price is double.

There are numerous speakers that can - for the most part - only be gotten locally because no one wants to ship them, i.e., IMF RSPM MK IV, 105 pounds each.

Oh nice were those days, when i first got my N1 power amp i could lift alone even though it weighs more than 154lb, today at age of 62 it is nearly impossible.

I am afraid that i belong to the camp of weight matters, but if unable to move anything in the future a pocket radio will do.


The total weight of my stereo setup is about 450 kg (1000 lbs). I just dragged it to a room on the 3rd floor without an elevator with my friends once, I don't need to run around with it any further, and I don't need to change it at all because of the weight.

I parted with my beloved 87lb stereo tube amp for two 42lb mono tube amps partly for this reason.  Speakers get disassembled just to move them myself. Argh.     

I’m all about lighter weight gear, I’ve had 120lb Sonic Frontier tube amp, big heavy Brystons, Odyssey... Then I found Channel Islands Audio, my current setup is a

E-200 stereo amp that weighs about 15-20 pounds and it’s great I changed all the fuses to those Synergistic Orange fuses, have a Acoustic Zen Krakatoa power cord on it and Golden Sound cones under it and it's the best sounding amp I've ever had with the tweaks, my Schiit Yggdrasil DAC weighs way more like close to 30 pounds and is bigger.

I doubt I’ll ever go back to heavy big power amps again. Also the Channel Islands doesn’t heat the whole room, it does run pretty warm but nothing like a huge tube amp. My next amp might be those Atma Sphere class D mono blocks which are like 15 pounds each.