I wanna learn about Naim CD players

Hi, I'm looking to buy a decent sound and reliable used Naim cd player with RCA connection. Can I touch 1 for less than $300?
Please name a few with today price and their MSRP. I'd also interested to know the list of which models came out first, etc. Thanks
I would post this on the Naim Forum. They will be happy to answer your questions. I've owned a lot of Naim gear and I don't think there's anything available in your price range that would be able to be serviced if it broke. With $300, I would go for a used Arcam CD-72 or Cambridge 640c, both very credible players.
Thanks Chayro, ill look up on the Arcam. Kinda cold feet on Cambridge though. Wonder if the Rega Planet would be on the same scale?
that's a shame we don't talk much about Naim cdp.
A quick look at the classifieds will tell you that Naim is way above your budget. In addition to the Arcam and CA suggestions above, put NAD,Sony and Marantz on your list.
Hi Tpreaves, yes I did, a quick look shows prices were way higher than $300 but there are few of them on eBay starting at very low. I don't know, I'm new to Naim so...
Definitely check out the Naim forum.

One thing to consider about older Naim players is whether parts are available. I don't think you can get parts for the CD3.5 for example.

I used to have a CD5 which sounded great but those go for 6-700. They can be upgraded with an external power supply. Some people prefer the CD5 with a PS over newer CD5i or CD5i-2.
Last month i won ebay a used marantz Sa-8001 and then SA-8260, thought that would keep me busy for while. But then last night, at 2am, all of certain, the Rega Apollo popped up for $450 shipped. Not too bad right? I will get to a used Naim 1 day.