i want a buy my first MC, MC252 or MA6600 ?

Hi, i want buy a MC machine.
(my first MC)
i see MC252 (power) and MA6600 (integrated)
i have a pre bryston 11B.
Pre MA6600 is better than my pre bryston ?
i think i can use my 11b + MC252
MA6600 is better than MC252 ? (quality sound)

thank you, im sorry for my english.,
Your Bryston should work fine with the 252. The Ma 6600 gives you the benefit of and all Mac top end. I have the Ma 6600 and love it. IMO if your intention is to hold on to the system for awhile which ever your choice, then I would opt for the MA 6600. Especially with the added features such as phono input and headphone should be of importance. Congratulations on your upcoming Mac be it amp or integrated, you will love the music. Glen
please i need a good recomendation, tomorrow i need choise about this:
* MA6600
* MC252

I read that the first has better sound
this is true ?
i need choise tomorrow.
another option is MC252 + c45 (but +u$3500) justified?
spend a little more, get the 402 and be done. It is a great amp and worth the extra $