I want some feed back please

Ok...very new to all of this but I have a pair of rebuilt dqm 9 speakers starting to come to life with new caps and rebuilt wolfers. I'm pushing them with a Sansui G 9000, I am not happy with the highs they seem shrill and unpleasant and I'm looking at a primaluma Luma integrated amp that is used and wondering if that would be a good choice to run these speakers with?
Your DQM’s are rated at 8 ohms and can take between 25 and 200 watts. It was reviewed favorably and most reviewers pointed out it had a higher frequency tendency than most, though not unpleasant. Just bright. It’s rated at 90db efficiency, so should be able to be driven by a sub-50 watt integrated. Also, what caps did you use for the rebuild?

Your G9000 is a collector’s item, though it’s not in the same league or ballpark as a PrimaLuna. The latter will add more warmth to your sound.
That would be great as Sansui is sizzle city had one 40 years ago with Sansui speakers that i got in Vietnam.
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