I want to upgrade, But , to which table ?

I'm currently using a belt dr.Pioneer from the 70's.
I have mostly an R&R/Blues album collection. I have been thinking about stepping up to a serious table for a while and am ready to pull the trigger on either a VPI scout, or an Rega 5, or 7 if i can snag one for a good price. I was wondering what you guys would suggest, for my interest's and budget ($1500 or so). Cartridge budget about $500.
Any of the 3 you've mentioned will be like night and day. Having owned a Scout, I highly recommend that table with a Dynavector cartridge. I used a 10X5 and a 17D3 and both were stellar.
Also add JA Michell Gyrodec SE to your list, it's within your price range used, and still highly regarded in the UK press (I used to own one). The VPI Scout is also an excellent choice at this price level.
And Nottingham. Not familiar with VPI and Rega but I heard an opinion that, generally speaking, VPI is "slow" and Rega "hectic".
I bought a VPI Classic and love it. It is much better than the Scout I had several years ago.
Hi Cubsfan, Unlike your Pioneer TT I dont believe these tables include a tonearm.Unless you have an arm (which you didn't mention) your budget will be stretched.
You said you were also looking for a cartridge
No one can (or should)recommend a cartridge without knowing the tonearm it will be mounted to and the gain in the phono stage
Sorry its just not that simple.
Good luck with your team next year and good luck with your turntable selection