Icon Audio Stereo 30 SE

Hi, anyone have experience with this integrated amp? For my new speakers, I wanna buy a single ended tube amp for critical listening from time to time. I recently bought a pair of Legacy Audio Signature SEs and drive them through a solid state system.  But I would like to also buy a SE tube amp for listening when the mood warrants.  I have recently bought a Coincident Dynamo SE which is only 8 WPC, but they still sounded wonderful driving the speakers. However, I bought that for my second system, and Legacy recommends at least 30 WPC.  The Icon 30 SE is 28 WPC on ultralinear mode, and is reasonably priced. Please recommend any other brands that also fit the criteria. I preffer auto biased, easy to maintain amplifiers. Thanks.

Iv'e had both the icon and the SE's but not at the same time.
The icon stereo is a good amp especially for the price,I'm not a big fan of the kt88 tube but I do like the kt150 and 120.

Unless you have a very large room or listen very loudly you should have plenty of pwr with good bass and dynamics.

Do you have or use subwoofers?
I meant to add the icon has switchable gain that might be useful,
the legacy's are pretty efficient.


Yeah the Legacies are pretty efficient and I do not use subwoofers.  I actually like the KT150s...as I've heard the Primaluna integrated with KT150s and loved the sound of it.
No experience with Icon amps; would suggest for singled ended to look at either the Line Magnetic 518IA (I  have it ) 22wpc SE with 845 tubes  , or the 508IA (very good feedback on Agon threads 48wpc SE with 805 & 300B tubes.  Very well built and very good sounding amps with tube rolling taking them to another level  . Don't know how much you want to spend but I believe pricing is still 518 is $4500, and 508 is $5000
I've always been curious about Line Magnetic...and the 518IA may be a great fit.  Bit pricier than I'm looking to spend, but used price should be in range.  It's not auto biasing though right? Is it easy to bias the tubes?
On the top plate in front of each 845  tube there's a bias pot and bias switch, all you need to do is let amp warm up about 10 mins, flip bias switch on for one tube , use small screw driver , turn bias down to zero and then up to 75 - meter is on front of amp, flip switch back off, do same for 2nd tube and all done  - all down. Takes very little time . .LM recommends checking every 150 hours.

CAmp also as a hum pot in the event an 845 hums you can control it. Haven't has that issue in 18 months of having the amp and using it fairly regularly


I didn't mention the Lm because is above your budget listed.

We have a local audio club and I get to hear and borrow all kinds of gear and I have heard the 508 paired with signature SE and is a very good combo.I would prefer the 508 over the 518 myself,805 tube driven by a 300b tube gives more meat on the bones midrange,the 845 tube sounds very solid state to me in any 845 tubed amp I have ever owned or heard. 

The Lm amps are very easy to bias just like facten mentioned I would'nt worry about that.

To each his own ears, don't find anything solid state like about the 518, but that's just me. That said, a number of folks on other threads, as well as, the dealer I bought the 518 from do tend to be more partial to the 508's sound like Kenny
I am reviving this long dead thread as I have just placed my order for the 2020 version,complete with an upgrade to all Mundorf Silver/Gold in Oil caps & Ceramic Input tubes...
 Special thanks to Warren @ Audioarcan,the N.American Importer,who answered a dozen questions over a 2 week period,always within just a few hours of my sending...This is a Special Order amp,Icon doesn't have a bunch sitting around so it is actually being built in the UK,NOT China.Final construction,quality control & sign off for release is handled IN THE UK...
 I look forward to updating this thread when it arrives with initial impressions..
Great, let us know how that works. I’ve purchased the Lyric Audio TI140 MK2 to satiate my tube lust. Wonderful amp. But would be very interested in your impressions on the Icon.
@freediver What do you think about the Icon Audio Stereo 30 SE? I'm looking at tube integrated amps and this one caught my attention.