If you only had...

Heading to a very large record show/sale tomorrow. Was given a "dealer" pass which means I can get in early.

If you only had $5.00 in your pocket and we're going straight to the $5.00 room, what is the record you would be looking for?

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If I only had $5 in my pocket I would go and get a milk shake instead and not waste my time going to any record fair...…...
I am with uberwaltz with slight modifications...

buy a tall boy and sit outside offering to carry records to cars for all the girls that as Slaw said... “ draw your attention “

have fun !!!!!
And I would be singing John Hiatt at top of my lungs “ I want to thank you girl !!!”
Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Inner Mounting Flame. First release Japanese pressing is best followed by Canadian 360 Sound first release followed by US original.