If You Like Funk: Check Out Vulfpeck

Please leave your thoughts: love it, hate it, somewhere in between or indifferent? And I apologize for the bad dancing white guy in the video. 
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Love the farfisa sound, the Italians got that one right! I like the Farfisa on Dirty Laundry by Don Henley too. Anyone know how to emulate the Farfisa in a Nord 5 Electro for that Dirty Laundry sounD?
@shadorne I don't...but I saw Don Henley perform that song live, complete I think with farfisa.
@roxy54 Thanks for weighing in. Glad you liked it.
My teenage boys are currently very into this band. They both play in school music programs (one symphonic and one jazz) and their music mates are mostly vulfpeck fans. When I hear it, I think 1970s funk...of course this is a group of nerdy white guys, but it seems to work. 
This is the exact opposite of funk, so let me go ahead and apologize to James Brown and even the likes of Peter Wolf.
They on the one in the verses, but it's more early Jackson 5 pop than funk.  Some nice bass playing.
I agree that this sounds more like Jackson 5 than funk. If you want funk, check out the guy known as the "funkiest man alive", Rufus Thomas.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pp-rn-jyWfk
Thanks for all the comments so far. Yes, it is true it is not pure funk ala James Brown. I stand corrected. It isn't the opposite of funk--it has a driving beat. It is not disco. The best analogy of this particular track is Jackson 5. In fact, when I first heard this track I played "ABC" right after it. I have heard several cuts off two Vulfpeck albums, which collectively puts their overall sound in a category that to me shows influence from 70s funk and R/B--but I'm glad we are having the conversation. 
@tooblue Can I mark you down for don't like it?
@tpreaves I accept your assessment that it isn't funk. But do you like it?
@jriggy Like it? Hate it? Indifferent?
@onhwy61 Thanks for listening. The bass player is very good. From the other tracks I have heard he is the best musician of the bunch. Like it? Not like it?
@everest_audio Thanks for the link and observation.This links I think confirms your insight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho7796-au8U
Do you like it?
Inauthentic ripoff of Jackson 5 and meaningless lyrics; and someone needs to tell that guy he dances like my 11 year-old niece (i.e. like a girl)...BAD music!
Don’t quite “hate” it; but close.  I get the comparison to The J5, but not as good.  Cute, but very lightweight and bubble-gummy stuff.  

@bojack Thanks for the forthrightness. Opinions is what the post is seeking.
@frogman Thanks for posting your opinion.
@philjolet Thanks for contributing your thoughts.
I'm with frogman on this one. His description of lightweight and bubble-gummy is pretty dead-on for me. Just not my thing. Everyone's tastes are different, and that's all good.
@everest_audio Thanks for the input. And I agree musical tastes vary greatly. It makes the music world go round. I am currently in the cool position of hearing my kid's music. They have devoured my music: rejected some of it, embraced most of it and have started running different new music by me. I am always fascinated by how our generation hears their musical taste. Some would think it is predictable, but it is not. On the flip side, one my boys has a large group of spotify followers listening to his playlists--which he admits should be titled "My dad's music plus Frank Zappa"
I was hoping for better, much better. Not Funk.

With Frogman - bubble-gummy is a compliment. Thin, Pop'y in the extreme. However, it will likely do well since it is catchy (song and video) and built to go the Karaoke distance.

I listened to it via Tidal first and then watched the YouTube video. 

The album name "The Beautiful Game" and cover is also problematic (for me). Gareth Bale's goals in the Champions League Final are more like it. : )

Despite the above, thanks for bringing a new group to my attention and your back story on it. For that I am grateful.
@david_ten Thanks for commenting. I like the The Beautiful Game comment especially. I'm also really grateful for everyone who is weighing in. I'm trying to get our generation listening to and honestly commenting on the current generation's latest stuff. This helps my dialogue with my sons and also their friends. Believe it or not they really care about what our generation says about music. Generally speaking, they just don't think we will listen to it. I grew up in a house where my music needed to be kept low because my dad wasn't interested in hearing it. Now, I listen to almost anything--and I have found that saying that I like it or I don't (after listening to it) is the most important thing. Why I like it or don't, at least to me, is not the main point. BTW, I like Vulfpeck; I don't love them. I think the bass player is very good and will probably outlast this band. I also happen to like this Brothers Johnson number https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgsJLGQTfEE which Rolling Stone describes as a funk (R&B) band. After listening to more Vulfpeck, this is where I think they are trying to get, at least on some of their tracks--clearly not there yet IMO--and might not get there.      
@astewart8944   Since you are reaching out to your sons, here is something from before their birth, that (in my opinion) remains current, especially since we are talking 'Funk.'  This is a New Orleans group, another reason for sharing. : ) 

Galactic // 'Crazyhorse Mongoose'


@david_ten +1 Galactic//"Crazy Mongoose" Very delightful! New to me: Who is that drummer?
I just sent the link to my boys.
Thank you
@david_ten Do you have an opinion on which Galactic "Crazy Mongoose" CD is better? There is a Capricorn Records (1998), Volcano Records(1998), an Evangeline Recorded Works (HDCD) out of the UK(1998) and a Universal Int'l (HDCD) from Japan (2000). 
Stanton Moore on drums.

I've been 100% streaming for quite some time now, so cannot help with CD selection. Maybe someone who knows the labels well, can direct you.

Glad you like it!
astewart, I like your attitude.  I too think there is value in staying up to date on what the younger generation is listening to.  Even if I don’t like the music (often) it puts it all in a better perspective for me, and I have discovered some things that I do like.  
I have the Brothers Johnson original album bought when it came out. Love The Meters. Not sure what you will like as Vulfpeck is more pop (like Maroon Five) than funk but definitely rooted in funk and a fun listen.

If you haven’t heard these bands (see below) before then they all worth checking out (some are recent or still going and some disappeared the year after their only album release)....

Tower of Power
Strokeland Superband
Cold Blood
Snarky Puppy
Cat Empire
Mingo Fishtrap
Maceo Parker
Nils Landgren
Fred Wesley
Skull Snaps
Average White Band
Phat Phunktion

When it comes to Galactic ,some albums sound very "Rappish" and some do not .
The ones that are Very Good IMO are
We Love ’Em Tonight (Live at Tipitina’s)
Coolin’ Off
Crazyhorse Mongoose
Into The Deep

Those and try doing a Pandora station with "The New Mastersounds"
If you like FUNK, you will get some excellent funk doing that.
Almost anything by "The New Mastersounds" is Excellent .
The newest album by them is "Renewable Energy". It is Excellent.
If you like Downbeat Stuff try :
Nightmares on Wax - In a Space Outta Sound
Or if you like Acid Jazz try some :
Mushroom Jazz (8) (6) or (7)
BTW I am 56 years old :)
@thepigdog I respect that. Thanks for weighing in.
@frogman Thanks for the kind words.
@shadorne This list is terrific. I own every Snarky Puppy release (I think). Thank you for all the recommendations. I will be listening through it.
@grey9hound Thank you for your list too. And I'm right in your age bracket (54). I just bought the "Crazyhorse Mongoose" CD per @david_ten recommendation (BTW one son gave the Galactic track he heard a 7 out of 10--from a 17yr old this is pretty high praise. The other hasn't given it a listen yet.)
If anyone else has music recommendations, I highly encourage posting them. If someone recommends it, I will listen to it (at least once).

Nice to see you taking an interest and interacting with your kids music and expanding both of your musical  tastes.  I love hearing new stuff.  I too thought it was reminiscent of the Jackson Five and like your reference to the Brothers Johnson (Strawberry Letter 23 - still love that song).

Shadorne has given you some great suggestions and he  may be the only person I know who is close to me as far as being a funky horn band fan affocianado.    First, you may want to introduce your kids to my all time favorite band and first on Shardone’s list, Tower of Power,  BTW, flying to Oakland this weekend to see their 50th Anniversary show and it will be my 104th seeing them live.

Have your kids listen to this:

To add to Shadorne’s list:
Five Alarm Funk
Heavy Metal Horns
Here Come The Mummies
Jack Mack and the Heart Attack
Phat Phunction
Sante Fe and the Fat City Horns
Trombone Shorty
Prime Time Funk
Sons of Champlin
Buddy Mile
Boston Horns

Keep listening and keep sharing,

PS - the funkier than all get out sax  player in that clip of Tower of Power was Lenny Pickett who was only 19 years old at that time they recorded that album.  He was just 17 when he joined Tower of Power and when they hit it big in 1971 and were playing stadiums in the early 70s.  For the last 30 years or so he has been the leader of the Saturday Night Live Band.  His range is not to be believed (has been since age 16) and he can play up in the stratosphere like no one I’ve heard.  I think dogs coming running he gets up so high.
PSS. - first, I apologize to everyone on this thread if it looks like I am highjacking it as I am not wanting to.  I am just such a huge TOP fan and so enamored with them even 50 years after first hearing them as a young teenager, and just found the clip I was looking for.  I hope everyone will endure it and listen not just to how funky the band is but listen to Lenny Pickett’s solo - to me, his not not only the funkiest sax player on earth,  it he is sick his range is so crazy and he circular breaths a note so high that when he ends the circular breath g he bites if off up in dog whist territory.

asterwart8944 and everyone, sorry if I overplayed this but I thought people might reLly like this clip of the tightest band on the planet.

Love da Funk!!!  An artist that's currently doin' it to it comes from New Orleans (of course!); Jon Cleary.  All his records are solid but his last two; Occapella & Go Go Juice are real killas!  Just downloaded the advance single from his upcoming record Dyna-mite...you ever hear a tune for the 1st time that immediately locks into a groove that puts a smile on yr face?
  Warning; this ain't no bubble gum pop, they're truly great house party records, true 21st century Soul Music!;)  
As an additional note: Jon is from Kent, England, which makes his love of New Orleans Blues, Jazz etc. all that more special.

Basin Street Records (on Prytania) was down the street from us when we lived in Uptown.

@fmpnd Thank you. You are not hijacking the thread. I asked for recommendations and you are delivering in spades with some history too. Perfect!
@chazro Thank you for the input! I will check it out.
@david_ten Thanks for the link.
@acman3  Thanks for your link too.
@shadorne I listened to the first three recommendations on your list. Tower of Power (I listened to the S/T album (with the terrific singer) with my boys--we all agree: that's a great album--I bought the CD on discogs); Strokeland Superband (first album: I listened to it with my wife. I learned the guy who put the concept together reunited Tower of Power and brought in some other folks too. At one point I said, "Man, that singer sounds just like Huey Lewis..." Of course, all the rest of you probably know--he actually sings on the album. I liked this album a lot. I bought the CD from the record label site.) Rastus--This one falls into the I can take it or leave it category: the album felt uneven to me. But, I'm glad I listened to it. I'm traveling so I can't tell y'all exactly the album. I will keep working through the recommendations everyone provides.
BTW IMO this is when Agon is at its best--opening the musical door for others.
I'm very grateful.
+1 that video - I loved LP solo. Nothing better than that except perhaps the same track with Chester Thompson. Chester had a way and timing with the B-3 that used call and response at its best. I bought Back to Oakland back when I was 14 and been hooked ever since. I listen to everything but nothing amazes me more than TOP tight funky playing - best group of musicians on the planet. Back to Oakland album takes time to get used to but once you get it - heaven.

Here is what I believe is the best live version of Knock yourself out - Chester Thompson is out of this world - his timing is just pure genius - the tension he builds is palpable -  best of all he knows when NOT to overplay - choosing to keep the groove going much of the time with tasty licks here and there - not playing is the sign of a true genius as the space around the music is like the canvas in art - it can be used equally as part of the whole work.


Note Santana is totally outclassed - he can’t begin to keep up with this group of musicians...Santana timing or groove feel is really awkward on this song - he just can’t seem to find the pocket!

Of course Red Hot Chili Peppers deserves a mention especially their early stuff!

Try early Red Hot Chili Peppers on your kids!

And Huey Lewis and the News are awesome. Live at 25 (at Chico’s) is a great demonstration of their live performances.

Shadorne, I couldn’t agree more.  Not only is Back to Oakland my favorite album of all time but I  also I totally agree on Chester Thompson.  His timing, ability to keep intensifying a groove, his foot pedal work and his ability to play off Rocco and Garibaldi was just sublime.  Throw in Lenny Pickett and I am in soul/funk/music heaven.

My all time favorite is Squib Cakes.
I just finished listening to Tower of Power's "Back to Oakland." The first word that came to mind is "complete"--It has everything. Great horns, beautiful harmonies, driving beat, upbeat funky, lush strings in some places, the sax player is GREAT and the main lead singer is feeling it. Oh and there is tremendous variety while remaining within the genre. This is a Full album--yet not overproduced. @shadorne can you please just send me complete playlists please?! :-) @fmpnd Squib Cakes is a very fun song. And I'm getting ready to listen to some of your recommendations next.
I will tell you what I think afterwards.
"Funky Destination" is a cool group
"Resolution is Only Solution " is the album that  get from Pandora  .
I am using 
"Nightmares On Wax" as the Station name .
I am getting a lot of Cool stuff this way .
BTW .. I am using a Roku Ultra with HDMI out to the 4K HDR capable  HDMI in of the Freaking Awesome Oppo -UDP-203.
The Oppo has 2 HDMI ouputs .
#1HDMI out   is Audio Only (I am sending it  to an HDMI Input on My McIntosh MX151) the Other 4K HDR . #2 HDMI output is going to My Sony 70 inch 4K TV.
It is Unreal how good the sound is ... Better than my JRiver into the Mx151 , with HDMI also.
All of my HDMI cables are all Purist Audio Design... except one .
The one HDMI cable that goes from The Roku out  to the Oppo-203 in , is the Wireworld  HDMI Starlight 6.
I Know this is  a lot to Digest, But I have never heard anything sound this good.
Amps are McIntosh MC30s (restored by Yves Beauvais at Vintage Vacuum Audio)
Pre-Amp is McIntosh MX151 (with Lyngdorf Room Correction)
Interconnects are the AWESOME Purist Audio Design- Dominus-Fluid .
Power Cable for the MX151 is Purist Audio Dominus -Fluid
Speakers are the Tekton Double Impact.
Speaker cables are The Sonoran Desert Plateau by Star Sound Technologies
Speakers are the Tekton Double Impact..
The speakers are also sitting on the Sistrum Apprentice Platforms .
I am sorry about ranting and raving , BUT, I have never heard a system sound this GOOD.
Very Natural Unforced Sound with KILLER BASS , imaging..etc .
 I cannot believe it myself. For the first time in Many many years , I am completely satisfied with this setup

Some 1960s funk bands from the obscure realm:
-->"Cold Blood": well worth a listen. They were occasionally performing, at least as of 4-5 years ago.
-->"Sons of Champlin" also worth your time (Bill C. occasionally played with Tower of Power). Dated lyrics but excellent tripping and funk tunes (some very long tracks, e.g., "You Can Fly" and "Get High")
-->"The Loading Zone" was the funk house band of the Fillmore. Forgotten and underappreciated, especially Linda Tillary, the lead singer. Many cover tracks. "The Bells" is interesting and bizarre. She is now an occasional gospel singer.
I have now listened to Sante Fe and the Fat City Horns' "The Answer"; the band was recommended by both @fmpnd and @chazro 
I like the band overall, although I found this album a bit uneven. It seemed to lose its focus at times. I should note that I'm a big proponent of albums, so that is generally how I listen to artists and bands. Anyway, I like the band enough to give it another go with a different album after I work my way through the other recommended bands above.