incognito rewire-sonic improvement?

Have an old rega 2 and am wondering if its worth re-wiring it. Any suggestions would help, Playing it through a rotel 1062 integrated. I also have a graham slee se 2 but it sounds better straight through the amp, thanks
Hi Dan,

The Incognito is quite nice wire, but the slightest bit rolled off on top. You might like it depending on your system balance.

My vote would go to contacting Joe de Phillips at Discovery Cable to wire your arm.

It might be of interest to you that the good folks at Triplanar tonearms use Discovery wire.

Thom @ Galibier
Thom_machris... One of the big differences between the basic VPI 9 inch tonearm and the VPI Signature, is the replacement of Discovery cable to Nordost. The difference is easy to hear in favor of the Nordost. I rewired my Rega arm with Incognito wire, and it was a definite upgrade. I can't tell you if Discovery would be a further upgrade from the Incognito, however, I hear a definite improvement from the Discovery to the Valhalla in the VPI setup.
I have a Rega rewired with the Incognito, and I also have the VPI arms with both Discovery and Valhalla wire. In my setup the Discovery wire on VPI is more rolled off than the Incognito wire on the Rega. My Incognito wired Rega with Pete Riggle stub mod and counterweight is a nice sounding arm. I'm just wondering if that is too much arm for that table(even without the stub mod)? On the other hand, you could always keep the arm and upgrade to better Rega tt.
My goodness how results vary! My data points for Discovery Cable are the Artisan tonearm with a Plus-4 tonearm interconnect, the Triplanar tonearm, along with Discovery interconnects.

The big caveat here is (as if you didn't know) ... this evaluation is in the context in my system - Quicksilver Electronics, Azzolina Horns, and of course, my turntables.

I've worked hard at achieving a balance where replacement of any single component doesn't throw the entire system out of whack. This is more difficult to accomplish than it should be, but I feel as if I'm real close.

Because of this difficulty, most of us tend to view selection of wire as being a tuning / tone control exercise. Unfortunate as it may be, it's the only tone control that most folks have available to them.

I think the Nordost is nice, expensive wire, but I prefer the Discovery Cable.

In addition to VPI, you'll find Frank Schroeder liking the Nordost. I've been trying to convince Frank to look at Discovery Cable. Perhaps I'll succeed one day.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming ... a wire for a fellow with a budget consistent with (or near) Incognito. I agree with you that an Incognito modded Rega is a nice improvement. On this, we agree.

Thom @ Galibier
The Incognito offered an improvement in my system. It's not too difficult to rewire it yourself and save some money. I did this to an RB300 using Cardas 4x33. From what I've read, this is the same wire used in the Incognito. I bought the cable and WBT ends for less than $100.

If there's any question about your VTA, get a Michell VTA adjustment sleeve.

I also recommend the Michell TecnoWeight. It's a significant upgrade that is arguably more important than a rewire.

Together, these things will bring your arm to a new level of performance.