Initial impressions of the new PS Audio "Windom" download?

There has not been many comments on the new Windom download yet, unlike when Snowmass was first introduced. I'm not sure what to make of this; plus, there have been a few concerning comments about about treble brightness. I'm sitting on the fence right now, so I'm hoping for some helpful and informative comments.

Listening now to Tidal via Windom. Definitely not bright (in my system). If anything (again, in my system), it's a little reticent in the midrange especially with vocalists. Also true when playing my CD player through my DSD/Bridge II via coax IC.

Overall, the sound is very natural to my ears, not in the least edgy, a problem I fought for years. I use a strange mix of components due to a long search for components that play well together. If it helps anyone, I can list my equipment..

The bottom line is that I am enjoying digital sound more than I ever have before.

Best, Fred
I just checked the PS Audio forum and comments have started to flood in during the last 36 hours. There are many comments that the new download requires a break in period, which seems to defy logic; but, the anecdotal evidence certainly seems to support that theory.

As of now, there's no suggestions that this issue affects only the Sr versus Jr model, or vice versa. Maybe the next update will combine the best aspects of Snowmass and Windom!
Break in period for firmware/software?

thats a newbie, unless there are parts inside the dac that was laying dormant until the new firmware was released. I’d say it’s more ears adjusting to sonic changes from what they were familiar with hearing before.
I heard the same thing that Mitchagain heard.... brightness.  It smoothed out after a few days.  At first, I thought maybe the Dac had to warm up after being off for what amounted to no more than fifteen minutes.  I have no explanation as to what happened, or why the brightness cleared up after a few days, but I know what I heard.
I have had Windom on my DSD Senior now since it came out. No loading problems, the sound never changed, always consistent. For me, it is a more natural, easy to listen to, comfortable, really nice.

I would be happy to never have another upgrade... this did it for me.
BTW, I post on the PS Audio site.... PS Audio takes the input from their owners pretty darn seriously and the software designer Ted, responds to most if not all questions... you should pop over there and read up on it.
PeaceBruce in Philly
Windom is a slam dunk...If you ever get a chance to listen to Teds new update,please do will be gobsmacked. 
Thanks guys. I've seen the comments on the PS Audio website that started showing up right after I posted this. After a good friend of mine (who is in the audio business) uploaded Windom and reported great results, I finally uploaded it this past weekend.

I did not notice any of the glaring treble that some people reported; and, I did not need any break in period at all. It sounded great from the beginning; and, I continue to be stunned at how good it sounds.

Man, this one is going to be a hard act to follow; but, knowing there are more free upgrades to come is really encouraging.
Its far better than Snowmass on my set up. So much better that its like new speakers ! I have not experienced any loading issues that I know as it sounds good right from the get go and a few reloads are the same GREAT !
Of all the comments I've seen on the PS Audio forum, no one has mentioned better percussion (be it bongos or congas, cymbals or drums); but, that is where I've heard the biggest specific leap in performance.Maybe this reflects the makeup of my audio system, or what my individual listening priorities are.

The biggest general leap in performance for me has been how visceral or palpable the music is now, which is absolutely intoxicating.
At first I was not so impressed with Windom. Then I did a reload after first downloading an earlier version (Huron). I think since my DS Sr. has had many of the updates it needed to re-calibrate to the new Windom. IMHO.

I am now very pleased with Windom, I did need to readjust my speakers for the more pronounced bass that Windom provides. No big deal, the bass quality is very tuneful. Never had a problem with the treble. Very open and pleasant sound/soundstage.

The music is not the only improvement ! I loaded Bubble UnPn and for some reason its far better then Mconnect !

 The depth and dead space between instruments is far better than Snowmass.  Percussion in the classical sense should have slam and dry fast decay not muddy subwoofer thump and pant leg moving lag ! WINDOM does this for my system.
My system sounded really good with snowmass but after this recent firmware upgraded its holy crap  good. My system was always a bit to revealing at times and highs a little too edgy. Now it’s just silky smooth with way better imaging and almost 3d surround like effect. I dont know what they did over there but they did it right.
All I will say about Windom upgrade is: Holy Algorithms! I have been at this for decades and I rarely have heard such a jump in audikle improvement from anything -- component, playback media or software. It really is magic.  Neal
I feel the same way.  To get a new DAC, via free firmware update, every year or so is kinda unbelievable.  
@nglazer, I agree; but, knowing how big of a jump it was from Snowmass to Windom, can you imagine how good the next update is going to be!?!
I expect there will come a time when Ted cannot keep outdoing himself at this level, but it hasn't happened yet and I hope it doesn't for the foreseeable future! Neal
Not a fan of Windom in my setup (Accuton Cell based drivers and TEAD Linear A/Pass Labs XA25).  Although a clear step forward in terms of air, resolution, separation and detail, it now sounds somewhat artificial, hard and bright.  I prefer the more "creamy" and relaxed presentation of Snowmass.