I am wondering if by switching my innerconnects from the pre-amp out to 2 Marantz Mono blocks to a higher quality pair if the sound will be better any advice?I am currently using Audioquest topaz from a Dennon 3300 to Marantz ma700 any advice would REALLY be appreciated!!!
Before you spend a lot of money consider the Audioquest Quartz/Hyperlitz3. I have two(2)pair for sale at auction. This would be a minimal investment to ascertain whether or not a more expevsive interconnect is the solution. If they don't sell at auction I'll sell you one pair at a good price. You can reach me dirctly at Also you could consider going right out and buying a new and higher priced connector, in that case consider calling Brown Electronic Labs. (408)259-8648 and inquiring re: their P1 interconnect, $195(1-meter pair). These are designed and manufactured by Richard Brown, designer of BEL power amps. Finally go to and read the artcle on Cable Nonsense written by John Dunlavy. Hope this helps.
Before you spend a lot of money on cables you might want hear the D.H.Labs BL-1s, they only 99 bucks, i`am not saying there aren`t better cables out there,but you will spend more for very little improvement.
for the money the harmonic tech cables are hard to beat. call me for a good deal on these cables at (949)362-5050.
If you like clasical music I would recommend listening to the Nordost Blue Heaven. The are available on Audiogon at about 100-125 per pair. BUT, I have NO IDEA how they mate with your component.
LAT International IC-100 is a very nice cable for the money. Two meter pair cost me $125. And I'm not even trying to sell them to you!
Custom House connections makes great cables at really good prices. I"m using there speaker cables and interconnects. They also make Power Cords. There one of the best cables i'v heard. Check out there website.