Innuos Pulsar - Some Interesting Info for Innuos Owners

I’ve been in touch with Nuno Vitorino at Innuos, and he tells me that the new Pulsar network streamer should be better than my current ZENith + PhoenixUSB reclocker.  The Pulsar has an upgraded power supply and includes a “PhoenixUSB Lite”. Nuno says the Pulsar should offer streaming performance on par with the Statement. He also mentioned that the Statement with the Next-Gen power supply is better still, but it is almost three times the cost of the Pulsar…

Since I exclusively stream, this makes sense to me, if the Pulsar is in fact better. After selling my ZENith Mk3, and my PhoenixUSB, along with one power cord and a USB cable, this upgrade should almost be cost-neutral. Plus, my system would get to lose one box, and would also lose two cables, which is really nice as things are getting rather chaotic behind my system.

Innuos is sending a demo Pulsar to my local dealer (who is not even an Innuos dealer) so I can try at home. Hopefully it works out.

Great company and great support….




Thanks @bhvf @nyev . Curious to get the first real owner’s (not dealer’s) reviews about Pulsar.

A bit odd decision to design it with only USB output, without AES. PhoenixUSB lite is integrated in Pulsar and a separate Full PhoenixUSB recklocker provided a different, not always better sound quality according to the owners, it makes a bit uncertainty keeping in mind Puslar’s price. Will see what real tests will bring to the table.

Pulsar to be released within a few weeks. Oddly not specific and no help whatsoever. My dealer is bringing one in but not with the first batch shipped out as he didn't order in time.

The wait for the Pulsar is already really long, I decided to try it in my Lumin U2 system, if it works, it will stay like that and it won't be the turn of the Pulsar.

Hey guys, I am late to the party here, but Innuos shipping schedule is currently promised as follows as of Aug 7 2023-  

ZENmini, ZENmini S, LPSU, PhoenixUSB, PhoenixNET, ZEN, ZENith, PulseMini, Pulse & Pulsar

2 Days

Statement/Statement Next-Gen- New Orders

5 Days

Statement upgrades

5-10 days

I ripped all my stuff and like having that option. I'll stick with my Zenith MK3 and Phoenix Clocker.

If I ever move up chain I'll go Statement or broke... Or both 😂