Innuos PULSE Mini?

any impressions on this unit?

appears to be a solid step into that streamer space above bluesound and the other popular entry level units



@charles1dad  The PULSEmini may be the best option as I'm not sure if the PULSE will have coaxial digital output. I'm also excited to see what will be coming out for a linear power supply to match the Mini.


Yep! I’ve thought about that. If I determine the Pulse is for me I’ll have a hybrid cable made (XLR at output and RCA at the input. The Pulse seems to have a power supply with much thought and attention applied to it. Good power supplies are crucial in my opinion.

If you get the opportunity to compare the two network players I am interested in your listening impressions.


@charles1dad  I saw a picture of what will be the final version of the PULSE and it will have a coaxial output.


Thank you for the update. This network player is on my short list of units to consider purchasing.


I’m planning to trade my ifi zen stream to the pulse mini when it’s more available. 
currently using the zen stream with a 12V linear supply from LHY, a better 2.1mm DC power cable and a curious USB cable into my Denafrips Iris and it’s pretty great. 
I would hope that the pulse mini would top this combination. 
not sure I could use my existing linear power supply on the Pulse mini or not.  I only stream at this point … and don’t use roon.  One of the deciding factors for me is the Sense app.