Innuos Sense cannot connect to Qobuz

Hi guys,

Has anyone else experienced problems connecting to Qobuz via the Innuos Sense App today. It was fine yesterday, but I can't connect at all.

I've tried login out of Qobuz via Sense. I've changed my Qobuz password via the Qobuz site.

When I click with Sense to Login to Qobuz, Sense doesn't produce a login pop-up, it just redirects to main Sense page.

Anyone have any thoughts, or experienced the same?



Yes , I was having the same issue this morning with connecting to Qobuz within the Sense APP. It seems to be resolved now.



Ah that is good news, thanks so much. I reactivated Roon just so I could work to music, as Qobuz was fine through Roon.


I'll revert back to Sense ASAP.


Thanks again, much appreciated 👍

I couldn't get Sense to stay connected to my Pulse at all 2 days ago, whether using Qobuz, Tidal or Radio. It seems fine at the moment but reverting to Roon was the only option.