Innuos updates

I guess I have not been paying attention. I have been checking the Innuos site looking for a new Innsight posting, with nothing since Dec. I generally use my Innuos Zen mk ii offline. Yesterday I checked Support and found they were up to version 2.10, so I had missed 2 updates. I am not a Roon user, but it seems now to be active.


What does Roon integrations mean?  I gave up on Roon because InnuOS sounded better.  

I just checked the Innuos website and was thinking it would be compulsory information on the "Inn-sights" page but didn't see it immediately. I am a member of a facebook group where that sort of news is pushed so between that and checking the updates section in the Sense app I manage to keep it reasonably current.

BTW, the FB group is: Innuos Listening Room and Owners Group