Instruments that shine in your system

Im curious if other members have noticed individual instruments that really pop on they’re systems. For me its the Mandolin, that particular instrument just jumps out from the surrounding players. With your back turned I think you could be convinced the player was in the room. Dont know what component in particular likes that instrument or if its a combined total (system listed in profile) or if everyone experiences those dynamics with that particular instrument. Id like to hear , best !


For the moment I thought about my instrument light on my Pioneer SA9800 amp. It shines really beautiful. One of the most beautiful amps I've ever had in the original wood case.

Hammond B3 really shines on my system probably because I really like Hammond sound in general even with portable system.

For me, it’s not just one. But listening to the Bill Evans Trio, makes my system shine.

Saxophone: not surprisingly, because the speakers have a horn mid/treble.

I especially love the sound of drums on my system but all instruments sound good in my opinion.

saxophone.  Often it seems the sax is out of the speakers in the room with me.

The remix of Boss Tenor is a great example.

Yes, jazz saxophone jumps out from the stage with realistic tonal qualities. With orchestral, oboe stands out followed by the rest of the woodwinds.

If the recording is done poorly, nothing shines.

If the recording is done well, everything shines.