Integra 9.8 troubles

I purchased a new integra 9.8 a few weeks ago & I finally got around to hooking it up. I figured it's probably something that I am doing & I cannot figure out what that it.

I use a PS3 for blueray which is connected via HDMI
Integra 9.8 is hooked to TV via HDMI

Anyways, the pre/pro does not automatically select DTS, THX etc when I put different blueray discs in. On the display it only shows the front left & front right speaker is working however I can hear sound from all speakers (5.1). I changed my PS3's setting in the AV setup area to bitsream which is what the local shop told me to do.

Any ideas what this could be? I haven't called Integra's help line but I have bigged the local shop that I purchased the unit from.

I was under the impression that front left/right, center, sub & surround left/right should be listed on the display of the pre/pro. I can only get the main front left/right to show that it is on.

Do you have the menu in the Integra set-up to a default listening mode?> While I am not familiar with that unit many have a menu for a default mode such as Pro logic IIX, THX, Stereo or any number of options. Look at digital menu or input listening mode or something to that affect and perhaps that is the issue.
You have to select the appropriate sound track from the disc menu. Otherwise, you get the default, whatever that is; apparently stereo.

The display on the 9.8 shows what it is receiving and then the 9.8 can redistribute it as set in the input menu.

You may want to look at the AVS Forum. They have a long thread on the Integra 9.8 (and 9.9) and the issues with the unit and software updates that have come out to address some of these problems.

I don't know if the information will pertain to your particular matter but the thread is a god source of information for anyone that has one of these. The Integra is listed under Processors.
I have a PS3 and tried it with the Integra 9.8. They worked together fine once the proper PS3 AV setup settings are selected.

You have to do what Kal suggested and select the apropriate track from the disc menu first.

A BIG part of your issue is the PS3 setup. You mentioned you connected it via HDMI and the 9.8 did not automatically select the right mode for your Blu-ray discs. That is because the person who told you to setup the PS3 to bitstream is wrong. The PS3 physically cannot bitstream the newer codecs (DD TrueHD, DTS MA, etc.).

You have to let the PS3 decode internally and send LPCM data to the 9.8. When you do this, the 9.8 will not show you DD TrueHD, DTS MA, etc. on the display since it is not decoding internally. It will say either PCM, 5.1 PCM, or 7.1 PCM on the display. It simply an issue of where decoding is taking place, either in the PS3 or in the 9.8.

I do not think anything is wrong with your unit, it is a PS3 setup issue. This drove me nuts for a few hours until I figured it out. If you want to send bitstreamed data to the 9.8 from the Blu-ray player, you need to get something other than the PS3. I got the Sony BDP-S550 and it will bitstream to the 9.8 and the 9.8's front panel lights up with the correct mode automatically once you select it from the disc.

Both the PS3 and 550 are excellent Blu-ray players. Its just a matter of where you want the decoding to take place and other personal perferences.

Good luck!!
thanks for the info.... I will look for the AVS forum & see what I can find there.

FWIW - I threw in a HD-DVD & I get the same results I get from using the PS3. Integra's display states HDMI through... & it doesn't automatically select a surround setting, started the movie in normal 2 channel stereo
One more time: The prepro cannnot select a surround setting. You must select the proper track with the player and you must define the processing for each format on each input in the 9.8 menu.