Integra DTC 9.8 and DHC 9.9 Processors Firmware

I am thinking of getting one of these processors in the near future. I was wondering if someone could tell me what the latest firmware version each one has right now? Are there new versions being released from time to time or have they stopped releasing new upgrades in say the last year or so? I would like to find a processor with the latest versions already installed so I don't have to install them myself.
They have stopped releasing new firmware for these and did so when they were discontinued and superceded by newer models.

There are dedicated threads for each model on and that is the best place to find the information you are asking for.

There are 415 pages for the dtc 9.8 on the avsforum thread alone. I kinda would like to cut to the chase and know if the answer is version 1.7 or whatever it may be. Instead of reading through all that.
I have v1.8 on my 9.8 and I am fairly certain that it was the last. OTOH, you could search the thread for "last firmware" or just ask.

Cannot recall but there is some button sequence for it. Google for it at AVS.

What you need to do is turn on the Integra and then you need to press display and the on/off button at the SAME time on the unit itself. I am told.