Integrated amp: Component weight

I'm an older guy with a bad back looking to spend $5-10K on an integrated amp.  Before I get into functionality, connectivity, or even sound quality, my threshold considerations are price, power, and weight.  My 86dB-sensitivity Harbeths do best with the equivalent of a 200-300wpc solid-state unit, I need to drive a variety of analog & digital sources, hope to keep weight under 40lbs, and want to stay away from "classic" Class D designs.  Been there, done that, D simply didn't work in my system.

My question: Does anybody know of any published listing of amplifiers that compares products by weight or size?

So far, I've only found a few 15-35lb models that meet this initial filter, from sellers like Ayre, Devialet, & Bryston, and, surprisingly, even ARC.  However, there are connectivity & functionality issues that make these otherwise-terrific options a poor fit.

Any suggestions?


I just heard the Line Magnetics integrated tube amplifier 22wpc. Simply stunning.  Transformers are what makes it sing.  $4800 and you will fall in love.

Happy Listening.


Im all about the weight. Many praise the Benchmark AHB2 that weighs 5lbs. No way will I buy something like that. It all about the heft imo.

Easy. Aestheix Mimas. Weighs a bit less than 50 lbs. has five analog inputs which can be configured for true balanced or RCA. Can be ordered with a very good DAC or Phono board or both. Hybrid, tube preamp solid state power amp. Under $10k with the digital board. 150 wpc and almost 300 wpc into 4 ohms. I have one driving Dynaudio Heritage Special’s . Has a good headphone amp that can be upgraded. FYI I had a Devialet. The Mimas is better IMO

Im all about the weight. Many praise the Benchmark AHB2 that weighs 5lbs. No way will I buy something like that. It all about the heft imo.

I think it is all about the speaker. My current speaker had the same bass response with the AHB2 (stereo) and the 110 lbs CODA #16 (a bass monster on all speakers I tried)

What associated equipment was in your system when you were evaluating the Benchmarks? Are you talking about the LA4 and AHB2?

If I went that route, I’d probably add a DAC3 and some third-party streamer, so I’d be getting into the $15,000 range, not including interconnects and power cords. At this point, weight, SQ, and connectivity are more important than cost, though. (Within reason, of course!)

With the Benchmark gear I have much better experience with their low cost XLR between amp and preamp ($200 for 20 feet). I use Audience XLR and RCA from the source to the preamp. The BM gear is AES48 compatible (for XLRs). I use Benchmark XLR from the DAC3B to the preamp. Though the DAC3B is not the end all of DACs (a little hot but good with Harbeth). The only place where I really want non-BM cables is the speaker cable (I use Audience FrontRow). The BM speaker cable is good on a bright speaker.

Using non-BM power cables is something I also never do on BM gear. Other gear, I use non-stock cables. Reviewers may say different, but this how my ears hear the BM gear. I even have some 15-foot amp power cables from BM, very useful, cheap, and sounds fine.

On the used market you can hookup the 3 BM components for under $6500 (with BM cables). The form factor is rather small with all 3 units stacked on top, which is fine to do with BM gear.