Integrated or Amp/Preamp combo for Magnepan 1.7

Hi All - currently using a W4S 250W/channel integrated amp with fairly new Magnepan 1.7s and thinking I can do better. The sound is a bit bright and I'm wondering if a different integrated or amp/preamp combo would help. I've searched the forums and haven't found a lot of specifics. I'm considering, thanks to a fellow Agoner, something like an older Audio Research Pre or CJ pre with a solid state amp (Pass or others). I would prefer an integrated amp, but separates may be the way to go. Hegel, SimAudio or tube integrated are under consideration. I have a small square room ( roughly 11 x 11 ) and I mostly listen to classical, jazz and classic rock. Budget would be around $3000. Thanks for any suggestions.

I have Magnepan 1.7i and McIntosh MAC6700 with Rega RP40 Turntable and Simaudio Moon 3.3 cd player, The turntable sounds ok the cd player sounds much more dynamic
The receiver sounds great but can run out of steam quickly once pushed, but for average listening levels its very good, I hate to sell the Mac but I may have to investigate Bryston as I have had a few 4Bst's and their  BP25 pre, The maggies need gobs of power.

Any suggestions ?

A friend of mine uses a Vincent SV-236 with his 1.7s. He swapped out the stock tubes with Telefunkens. Sounds great. Never seems to run out of steam at louder levels.