Integrated SET...

I recently replaced my Wilson Watt Puppy 8's with Zu Audio Omen Def Supreme. MUCH more efficient speakers, which leads me to a long time itch to try a single ended tube amp. This is the first time I've had speakers that could actually work with low power.


So, what do you recommend in terms of a good SET, preferably integrated and remote (at least for volume)? Budget is pretty flexible, but I would like to stay under $5-6k used


Cary 300SEI is a great choice. 

Line Magnetic has a couple of good options as well (845ia, 805ia).  845Premium as well, but it's a bit above your budget.




Thanks everyone! I think there's some real options in this string.


I do want to stay with an integrated that does have a remote, at least for volume. I have no problem turning it on when I want to listen and change the input manually, but volume is really convenient (and an absolute demand from the wife)

I have two integrated SETs, an Elekit with the Lundhal transformers and a Sophia MC-300A driving AG Trios.  Both are excellent, musical amplifiers. You can get a superb sounding SET for about half of what you have available to spend.  The Elekit sells for about $2500 and the Sophia about $3000 on the used market.

Definitely narrow your search to those amps that are point to point wired.

Circuit boards do not hold up well to the heat from tubes.

An especially avoid those amps where tube sockets are directly mounted onto a circuit board.

You will thank me later!